born. 27.06.1999
    father: Flinkbein Huczek
    mother: Megsflocks Zanadu
    br.Elisbaeth Scheffel, Sweden

  • hips C/C,
  • eyes healthy,
  • thyreoidea-test healthy ( TgAA = negativ)
  • natural stubby tail
  • pedigree

    Luckys father, Flinkbein Huczek, has gone to Sweden, and now the son arrived back to Finland.

  • The most favourite place for Lucky is the back rest of sofa.
    It is wonderful to lie on it.
    Sometimes you can't see anything for the dog execept the toes.
    But it is also as suitable place to rest in the cane chair as well.

    Altought the puppy-colour of Lucky is brown, he will be silver gary in full age.

  • At his first show Lucky was 28.04.2000 in LAHTI, which was an international show. He just and just get to the juriorclass, because he was only 9 moths 2 days old.
    But the resultats from the show was mighty : he was the second best male and he got his first CAC.
    The judge also consider to put him at the first place, but he was really so young. He would also get the CACIB, but he cann't take it because his young age.

  • The other show for Lucky, still in juniorclass, was 19.08.2000 Nokialla.
    Also there he was the second best male and he got his second cac.

  • The next time, Lucky was in the dog-shows, was in the summer 2001, after one year.
    22.07.2001 in Forssa Lucky was in the open class, after he had just had his 2-years birthday. The placement was BOB, and after he got his last cac, Lucky became FIN CH.

  • Lucky has been in the dog-shows at long intervals, because the next show - again - was after one year....
    16.06.2002 in the international show in Pärnu, Lucky was at the first time in shows abroad. He was BOB and he got the Estonian cac and CACIB.

  • 04.08.2002 Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke was in Lithuania, Palanga, in the dog show. He got the Lithuanian cac and later also the CACIB.

  • At long intervals has Lucky been in shows further, because also for the next show had time almost a year.
    17.08.2003 in the international show in Vaasa, Lucky was in the cahmpion class ( we had those new regulations ), and was the BOB. So he got the last CACIB, wchich was demended for the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.

  • FIN CH Flinkbein Rycina 'Ladna
  • Marquee Get-Up-and-Go
  • Marquee Goody Goody
  • Sukan Paahto-Papu