Lagotto romagnolo
BaltW-99, BaltJW-99


    born 30.05.1998
    f.ARNO LOI98/153223
    m. MEGA RC93L2806
    breeder.Casadei Riccardo, Italia

My first lagotto romagnolo, Peterpan, come to me from Italy,through Sweden . Also Pansi came to our house in a way as change.
My Swedish friend wanted to have a PON-puppy from me, and I was delighted at her another breed, lagotto romagnolo. She had already had lagotto litters, she had been in shows in Italy, and had acquaintance in the country of origin, so it was great, that she helped to search a lagotto male for me.
So arrived the "fairy prince" Peterpan to our hose. !!!

We didn't go in so many shows with Pansi, because PON's took so much time of my life. When Pansi was about three years old, he had his first litter born.
So, in a way, I fall into the lagotto-world , to the breed association, and become acquainted with this happy, friendly breed.
After a few years, I felt, that I was willing to take a female and perhaps also start the breeding work, and Pansi's daughter, Budoar Vincita, come to us.

10.08.2002 was the Lagotto-club summer-days in Nastola. Peterpan was not booked in the Lagotto CLUB-SHOW, but his progenys were. The wictor of the puppies, or the BIS LAGOTTO- PUPPY , from among 17 puppies, was a son of Peterpan, Mandaraban Maliardo and BIS 2 PUPPY, was a daughter of Peterpan, Mandaraban Maga Minuscola .

19.10.2002 in Hyvinkää, was the Special Show for Spaniels, wchich was also the Special Show for Lagotto Romagnolo. There was totally 22 lagotto's in that show.

Pansi was BOO in that show, and got the magnificent genuine Italian vase, which was the challenge cup, presented by kennel Punatassun.
The BOB of this show, was the daughter of Peterpan, 9 months and 3 days old Mandarabam Mezzaluna, who got the truffle picker as a challenge cup.

In this Special Show for Spaniels, they also choose the Best In Show - BOO dogs.
The judge in this group competition was the English special judge for the group 8, Mr Michael Boothroyd. He liked Peterpan, and choosed him as BIS 3 BOO

Some famous descendants for Peterpan
  • FIN & RUS MVA Mandaraban Maliardo
  • FIN MVA Mandaraban Mezzaluna
  • Mandaraban Maga Minuscola
  • Mandaraban Mirabella
  • Gewitter E- pentue
  • Mandaraban A-pentue
  • Budoar Victor
  • Budoar Veronica
  • Budoar Vincita