born 17.12.1999
father. Flinkbein Eter
mother. Flinkbein Czary
ow. Rita Kujanpää, Mikkeli

  • pedigree
  • Also Sola has born with a stubby tail

  • Sola has been on the dog shows, among others in the PON-CLUB SHOW. There she was placed BEST IN SHOW 2 -PUPPY, immediately after her brother.

    In the "adult" shows, Sola was at the first time 24.09.2000 in Lohja.
    She was in the juniorclass, at the age of 9 months and 1 week.
    The placement was magnificent, the best female 3, at once after her big sister and mother. She also got her first cac.

    Sola was in the second time at shows, also in a juniorclass, 18.11.2000 in Jyväskylä. She was just 11 months old, at her second show.

    The placement was wonderful, the second cac and the Best of Opposite .
    She would also get CACIB, but she was too young to take it ( under 15 months)

    16.04.2001 Sola was in the international show in Lappeenranta, at the age of 16 months. She was the second best female, after her bigsister. Because Olga already is an international CH, gets Sola the CACIB

    25.08.2002 in the dog show in Heinola, BOO was Flinkbein Ponetny Perla , who got also her third cac, and become FINNISH CHAMPION .