born 03.12.1994
father. Jegomosc z Wielgowa
mopther. Anuska Zlaty Ranc
ow. Majka Borgström

  • hips C/C ,
  • eyes healthy,
  • thyreoideatest healthy
  • Jeica & Majka are competing in obedience, class III
    In the PON Obedience Championship they reached
  • 1997 2.place
  • 1998 1.place
  • 1999 4. place

    Jeica was

  • 1997 2. best obedience PON
  • 1998 the best obedience PON
  • 1999 4. best obedience PON
  • Unfortunatelly in the autumn -00 the vets noticed an arrythmia, Jeica's heart was beating too slowly and there was an extra beat every now and then. An ultrasound examination did't however point any specific defect to it.

    Jeica was put into sleep in may 2001.

    In autopsy was pointed, that Jeica had a heart defect called Dilatated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). The first symptoms of DCM are arrythmias, enlarged heart and hypersensitivity to anesthetics. Jeica showed these all.
    According to a leading heart disease specialist in Finland, Anna-Kaisa Järvinen, DCM is a functionary disturbance, and the therm describes the bad activity of the heart. DCM is a cronical disease, whose cause is not yet sure. In some breeds DCM can derive from a lack of taurin and garnitin of the food. It can also be due to different inflamations or trauma.
    Unfortunately there is no cure for DCM.