born. 02.12.1999
    father. Flinkbein Nokaut
    mother. Flinkbein Ekspanat
    ow. Tanja Salo, Mäntsälä

  • thyreoideatest healthy
    (TgAA test negativ)
  • Into has born with a stubby-tail
  • Into was, at the first time abroad, in the the EUROPEAN DOG SHOW, in Poland, Poznan.
    He palaced nicely fourth in the JUNIORCLASS , V4, at the age of 11 months.
    13.01.2001 Into was in the dog show in Pori, at the age of 13 months. He was BOB and got his first cac.
    Flinkbein Ogrom wast at the first time in open class in 20.01.2002 HOLLOLA, and he was Best of Breed (BOB). So he got his last cac, and become FINish and Swedish CHampion

    30.03.2002 in the big international show in Stockholm, Sweden, Flinkbein Ogrom was BOB and got the swedish CACIB. The second best male in that show, was "Into's" father,Flinkbein Nokaut