the year 2001

Here are the headlines of the events and photos of the year 2001.

  • The year 2002 !!! and some updates have been done.
    In the presentations of my MALESand FEMALESare some new pages, and the litter S is now in the pages of NEW STARS
    New Stars

    Also in the pages PUPPIES are some hopes, dreams and plans for the future.
    There are also a presentation of two promising litters.

  • THE SWEDISH WINNERSHOW was 15-16.12.01 in Stockholm .
    BOO and also THE SWEDISH WINNER -01 in this show was Flinkbein Nokaut, who got also CACIB
    the second best male at the show, was Nokaut's son Flinkbein Ogrom, who got the Swedish cac .
    Gongratulations to the owner, tanja salo.

  • the VINNER SHOW 2001 was 8-9.12.01 in Messukesks in Helsinki.
    BOB and THE VINNER -01 at this show was Flinkbein Puchar-Pies,
    the second best male was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon
    BOO and THE VINNER -01 was Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa.
    THE JUNIORVINNER -01 - title went to Radosna Goralka z Banciarni, who was also the third best female at the show.
    The BOB BREEDINGGROUP was the kennel Flinkbein.

  • Flinkbein Jedynka, who lives in Sweden, has become Swedish and Norwegian Champion


  • Now the NEW photos of the puppies at the age of 6 weeks !!!


  • 30.09.2001 SSKY Special Show
    The second best male was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon and the young 21-months old Flinkbein Puchar Pies was 4th. Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa was the second best female
    The well-known "grandmother" 10-years old Gorczyca z Wielgowa was BOB VETERAN .
    The 9 month old sisters, Flinkbein Qui Vincitore and Flinkbein Quella Rosa started their show-carreer at a very promising way, they both were juniorwinners and got the kp.

    In the group competition Gorczyca z Wielgowa was BIS 4 VET .

    Also FLINKBEIN -breeding group was placed BOB and later on
    The PROGENY group of Flinkbein Czary, was also
    BEST IN SHOW - progeny group.

  • 13.09.2001 Flinkbein S -pentue has born. The father is Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon and the mother Flinkbein Miedziany.

  • 09.09.2001 The Obedience and Agility Championship contest of the Finnish PON-club was arranged in Lempäälä, near Tampere.
    The BEST OBEDIENCE-PON of the year 2001, is Flinkbein Elita with her owner Tarja Uusikivi. They were competiting at open class.
    At the AGILITY CHAMPIONCHIP contest, the winner of the beginners' class was, with an splendid performance, Flinkbein Czary, who comes 9 years old in december and was at the very first time in agility competition now. Her owner is Ulla Jalava.
    The second in the beginners' class was Flinkbein Modelka who was also at the first time in agility-competition. Her director was Seija Tuohilampi.
  • 08.09.2001 Porvoo
    In Porvoo -show appear now Flinkbein Krolewski-Efekt who hasn't been in shows for a long time. This was a very great show for him, because he was BOB, and got the last cac, and became also a FINNISH CHAMPION. BOO and also BOB VET was Flinkbein Czary. The second best female was Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa.
    At the first time in official shows was 11 months old Radosna Goralka z Banciarni . Osna enjoyd extremely at the show, and her young paws didn't want to stay in ground. The smiling judge yet gave her the title class vinner

  • 01.09.2001 Let's Go -show, Espoo
    In the bright sunny september day, in Leppävaara, there was the Lets' go-show.
    BOB in this nice show, was Flinkbein Puchar Pies, BOO and also BOB VET was the 10-years old Gorczyca z Wielgowa, and the second best female was Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa.

  • 26.08. 2001 INT. TALLINN, Estonia
    In the international show in Tallinn , BOB was Flinkbein Puchar Pies, BOO and also BOB VET was Flinkbein Czary, and the second best female was Heidelind's Truth is Out There, who got also the Estonian CACIB.
    In the group competition the judge for the group 1 was the same judge, who took the breed. He placed the 20-mounths old Puchar GROUP 1
  • Show Results

  • 25.08.2001 PON CLUB SHOW
    In the puppy-class, in PON-Club show, BIS 1 was Flinkbein Qui Vincitore and BIS 2 and the vinner of the opposite sex, was a daughter of Flinkbein Eter Wauhtipyörän Rózsika .

    In the adult classes , the 20-mounths old brothers Flinkbein Pan Polysk and Flinkbein Puchar Pies were in the top-places, and at last Flinkbein Pan Polysk was BIS 3 and Flinkbein Puchar Pies BIS 4.
    Only 11 mounths old female, Radosna Goralka z Banciarni placed BIS 7.

    In the veteran class Flinkbein Czary was BIS 4
    Czary won also the progeny class for females. The profit of the progeny-calss for males went to Jegomosc z Wielgowa.

    With the photos the results will come to the PON-club showpages leter.

  • 20.08.2001 After the Nordic Winner Show, the thunder striked to my computer and the modem ruined. There was also some other things broaken down; small green lights only were twinkling. Fortunately all the information was preserved. So I have not been able to answer to the emails, I've got.
    Now I try to get the things to orderly and update all the events.

    We also had some weeks "holiday". We were, at first, in Lithuania, Palanga, in the international show. After that we went to Poland, to Jastarnia, to the extensive beaches of the Baltic sea, and the next weekend we were in the international show in Sopot.

  • 11.08.2001 Gdansk, POLAND Wiklina z Wielgowa was BOB, in the big international show in Sopot , and she got the second CACIB ( in this journey), and also the Polish cac, Flinkbein Puchar Pies, was still in the intermedia- class, and he was the second best male, and got the reserv-CACIB and the Polish cac.
    04.08.2001 Palanga, Lithuania Wiklina z Wielgowa was BOB, and got the last CACIB, she needed for the title of international champion.

  • at the same time in Finland :
    11.08.2001 Turku Heidelind's Truth is Out There was BOO.

  • 05.08.2001 Loviisa Flinkbein Ogrom was BOB in the Loviisa-show, his father, Flinkbein Nokaut was the second best male. Heidelind's Truth is Out There was BOO
    04.08.2001 Mäntyharju BOB in this show was Flinkbein Ogrom who got his second cac.

  • 28.07.2001 Pori BOO in this international show was Heidelind's Truth is Out There who also got now her first CACIB.

  • 22.07.2001 Forssa Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke was at the first time, in this year, in dog-shows. He had just had his 2-years birthday, and when he in this show was righly BOB, he became also FIN CH.
    BOO and also BOO VET in this show, was Flinkbein Czary

  • Show Results

    In the main-show in this summer, the big international Nordic Winner Show in Tuusula, BOB was the young Flinkbein Puchar Pies and BOO was my own Wiklina z Wielgowa . They both got a title PMV-01 .
    BOB VETERAN in this winner-show was Flinkbein Czary
  • Show results

    14.07.2001 Vantaa, Backas, in the "Super Summer Show " the BOB was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon , Flinkbein Cary was BOO and also BOB veteran .
    Flinkbein Madrosc who had come from Belgium, to summer holiday , was second best female, and she got her second cac. Flinkbein Pan Polysk was PU3.
    At her very first show, was Flinkbein Quella Rosa . "Fanny" was, with her whole energy, like a 7 months-old puppy only can be , BOB PUPPY .

  • Show results

  • 08.07.2001 Flinkbein Pan Polysk, "Fido" was at the second time in dogshow, in Karjaa, and got at once his second cac. At the same show Flinkbein Kochany Krolowa was BOO and their mother Flinkbein Czary was BOO veteran.
  • Show results

    07.07.2001 Nokia Heidelind's Truth is Out There was BOB.

  • 16.06.2001 In the international show in Pärnu, Estonia RENEW Flinkbein Czary her BEST IN SHOW VETERAN victory .This is also a one kind of achievement, in two sequential years the best veteran in that same show.

    Also the son of her, get splendid in that show. Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB, and got the Estonian cac and CACIB. In the groups he got his second placement GROUP 4

    Flinkbein and Marquee kennels co-owned Heidelind's Truth is Out There got the Estonian cac, and become also Estonian champion.

  • 02.06.2001 in the show in Hyvinkää, the judge for PON's was the Belgian breeder and a special judge, Lucienne Jasica. BOB in this show was the young Flinkbein Puchar Pies and BOO Flinkbein and Marquee kennel's co-owned Heidelind's Truth is Out There, "Ilona ", who got her second cac now.

  • 03.06.2001 in Tuusula BOB was Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa and BOO richly Flinkbein Pan Polysk, "Fido" who was the first time in dog shows. So he got the very fist cac at his very first show.
    BOB VETwas Flinkbein Czary
    and Heidelind's Truth is Out There , co-owned by Flinkbein and Marquee kenel's, got her third cac, and became Finnish Champion.

  • 27.05.2001 Was in Helsinki the International Show - Aptus show !
    BOB and also GROUP 5 in that show, was multichampion Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon (Pompula).
    BOB veteran was his mother, Flinkbein Czary.
  • Group placements

  • 20.05.2001 in the international show in Riga, Latvia, Puchar-Pies was, at the age of 17 months, the second best male. Because the first was int ch, got Puchar his first foreign country CACIB. It is his 4. CACIB. At the same time he got the LV CAC.
    Czary was in this show BOB veteran and in the group competition
    BEST IN SHOW 2 vetrean.
  • Group placements

    Also other Flinkbein PON's have been in shows :

  • 20.05.2001 Eurajoki : Miedziany (Kupru) BOB
  • 13.05.2001 Varkaus : Ponetny-Perla (Sola) BOB
  • 12.05.2001 Tuomarinkartano : Puchar-Pies BOB

  • 29.04.2001 was the international show in Lahti. In that show, there was 5 Flinkbein-dogs :
    BOB and also GROUP 2 , the great achievement for the 16 months old Puchar-Pies,
    Best male 3 Ogrom , BOO Kochany-Krolowa, Best female 5 Ponetny Perla, BOB VET Czary.
  • Group placements

  • 22.04.2001 was in Poland the great PON-CLUB SHOW, the special show for polish breeds.
    BOB for PONs in that show, was Flinkbein Ekspanat ow. Janusz Zerebeccy, Poland.

  • The new photos of "Elkasta" and
    also the puppies of Elka & Lucky (Flinkbein Modelka and Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke). The litter was born 05.04.2001 .
    My dogs / Modelka

  • 16.04.2001 was the international show in Lappeenranta . Puchar Pies was BOB and got CACIB, Pompula was PU3,Kochany-Krolowa was BOO, Ponetny Perla was the second best female and got CACIB, Czary was BOB VETERAN.
    The processing gruop of Czary was present at the first time and the placement was magnificent , BIS 4
  • Show results
  • Group placements

  • The litter for Flinkbein Modelka & Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke has born 05.04.2001 Litters

    08.04.2001 I have renew the pages :
  • the photos I have remow
  • males
  • females and
  • new stars -pages are totally new.

  • 24.03.2001 was the annual meeting of the Finnish PON club. There was given the confessions for the best PON's of the year 2000 : THE BEST SHOW PON, THE BEST VETERAN, THE BEST AGILITY-PON and THE BEST OBEDIENCE PON.

    The Best Show PON of 2000 was, with a superior score,
    Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon.
    The Best Veteran of 2000 was "Pompula's" mother,
    Flinkbein Czary.
    The Best Agility-PON 2000 , devided, was
    Flinkbein Elita.
    and the second Best Obedience PON was
    Flinkbein Miedziany..
    The Best PON's of a year

  • 17.03.2001 in the international show in Tampere we had lots of star moments !
    Kochany-Krolowa ("Olga") was BOB and also GROUP 3
    group placements
    The second best female was the mother of "Olga", Czary, third "aunt" Elita and the fourth best female the litlle sister Ponetny-Perla.
    The litlle brother, Puchar-Pies, was the second best male, and he also gets his first CACIB .
    New stars

  • 22.02.2001
  • At last some information of my new PON-puppy, Osna.
    My dogs

  • 21.02.2001
  • I have added a litlle bit colours at the pages of show results and group placements.

  • 06.02.2001

  • 03.02.2001 was a very big Gala-show in Espoo, in restaurant Dipoli. It was arranged because of the very victorious show dogs of the year 2000.
    It is a

    Gala .

    There was invitation for 2 Polski owczarek niznny's

  • Flinkbein Czary ow. Ulla Jalava sekä

  • Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon ow. Maija Bragge & Taija Tuohilampi