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Here are the most recent updatings, the important things for us, events and photos, of this current year, year 2002.


The litter for Flinkbein Modelka & Flinkbein Nokaut has born 19.12.2002
Look for more information PUPPIES

The weekend 7-8.12. 2002 - merely celebration !!!!
At saturday 07.12.2002 was the "Finnish main show", the International Dog Show -Winner 2002 - in Helsinki.
Flinkbein Srodek won the juniorclass males, was richly the fourth best male ( among 32 pons) and got the title JW-02.
Hes sister, Flinkbein Swietny , as well, won the juniorclass females, was just richly the second best female and got the title JW-02.
Flinkbein Puchar Pies was the Best of Breed and got the title W-02. Besides that, he was the first PON in Finland, who has been placed in the first group in the Winner Show, and he did it great, because he was as high as GROUP 2 .
Among the five best males and females were also the father of the little sisters, the third best male Flinkbein Kompletny Pon , and also the third best female Heidelind's Truth is Out There , who is later getting the female CACIB.

At Sunday, 08.12.2002, the "same" show was in Stockholm, in Sweden, The Swedish Winer Show-2002. Also in this show Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB, and got the titles SV-02 and the S CH . Besides that he was in the group, among 10 best dogs.

Flinkbein Modelka has been mated with Flinkbein Nokaut, and the litter is expected to born at Christmas, 21.12.2002

And the litlle enchanter, Figiel Hajko-Nerita, has got his own pages

10.11. 2002 PARIS
10.11 2002 Paris in the EUROPEAN WINNER SHOW, Flinkbein PON's took 3 of all the 4 titles.
The sisters Flinkbein Srodek and Flinkbein Swietny both won their own classes, and got the titles EuJW-02 .

In Juniorclass they didn't choose the BOB or BOO junior, and the juniors were not competiting in the adult BOB ring.

Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB in the show, and got also the title EuW-02 . Besides that, Puchar was chosen in the big ring among the 9 best dogs, but was not placed in the 3 .

To the open class for females there was booked 13 dogs. There was aslo Wiklina z Wielgowa, who was placed V2, and vanished only to her sister, Wazka z Wielgowa.

In the champion class for females, was also Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa . She was placed as V4

And also the litlle new male-puppy , Figiel Hajko Nerita , won his class. Third in the male-puppys was Flinkbein Tatus Powab.
In the puppy-classes, they didn't either choose any BOB or BOO puppies, and they didn't compete in the Big Ring.
19.10. 2002 HYVINKÄÄ Flinkbein PON's have been restining after the big summer-show-turnee, but the active lagotto romagnolo -boy Peterpan was in the Special Show for Spaniels, in Hyvinkää 19.10.2002. The show was also the special show for lagotto romagnolo .

Pansi was BOO in the show , and BOB was Peterpan's 9 months 3 days old daughter, Mandarabam Mezzaluna .

In this show they also choose the Best In Show - BOO dogs. The judge in this group competition was the English special judge for the group 8, Mr Michael Boothroyd. He liked Peterpan, and choosed him as BIS 3 BOO 14. 09. 2002 PORVOO 14.09.2002 Porvoo, in the show for all breeds, Flinkbein Srebro , who had his one-year-bithday-party in preceding day, was the second time in show ring, got his second cac, and was the second best male.

BOO in this show, was the young-class dog Flinkbein Quella Rosa , who also got her second cac.

BOO-vet in this show, wasFlinkbein Czary , who charmed the judge with her youthful essence ! Some new photos of the year 2002 PON CLUB SHOW victors, has been added in the
08. 09. 2002 PON OBEDIENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS 08.09.2002 was in Lohja the tradiotional PON Obedience and Agility Championships.
In this year there was also "Line-class". The 2 best dogs in this class got the same points, but the judge decided by comparing the differences of the points in each performance, which one was the victor.
So the Victor of the year 2002 OBEDIENCE LINE-CLASS is Flinkbein Puchar Pies with 96,5 points.
07. 09. 2002 TUOMARINKARTANO, HELSINKI 07.09.2002 in the big dog show for all breeds in Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki, was shown, at the very first time in "adult"-classes , 11,5 moths old Flinkbein Srebro , who got his first cac and was BOO in this show.

BOB-PON in this show, was the sister of "Kingi" , Flinkbein Swietny . She had almost as big succee in the GRUOPs, as her brother Srodek 2 weeks ago. 11,5 moths old "Minski" was among the 8 best dogs in the groups. !!! 25. 08. 2002 HEINOLA 25.08.2002 in the dog show in Heinola, for all breeds, the 11 months old junior-male, Flinkbein Srodek was BOB, and also, probably the youngist PON placed in the group-competitions in Finland , GROUP 5 .
BOO in this show was Flinkbein Ponetny Perla , who got also her third cac, and become FINNISH CHAMPION . Gongratulations Sola !!!!
BOB VETERAN in this show was Flinkbein Czary
24. 08. 2002 KOUVOLA 24.08.2002 was the show in Kouvola , in a very sunny trotting track . Indeed there was not cold :-)
After a summer-pause, was Flinkbein Quella Rosa in the show ring again. She was the second best female, between two inter.cahampions, and got her first cac.
17. 08. 2002 PON-CLUB SHOW 17.08.2002 was the special event of the Finnish PON-club , the PON-CLUB SHOW. The judge in this important show was the young judge from Sweden, Lotta Bergström.

The puppy-Victor, the BIS-PUPPY was the daughter of Heidelind's Truth is Out There and Flinkbein Nokaut, Marquee Fiddle-Faddle and BIS 2, and so also BOO puppy was a son of Flinkbein Elita Tuus Artchie Bunker

The Victor of adult PON's, in the PON-CLUB SHOW in 2002, BIS 1 , is Flinkbein Puchar Pies , BIS 2 and also BOO is Wiklina z Wielgowa , BIS 5 is the 11 months old Flinkbein Srodek , BIS 7 a son of Flinkbein Eter , Marquee Even Steven and unfortunatelly to the arrangers happend a BIG MISTAKE , and Flinkbein Swietny, who was also entitled to the BIS-placement, was forgot to ask to the show- ring. Swietny was, however, the 4th best female, just before the female, who was placed BIS 6 .

The Victor of VETERANS, in the PON-CLUB SHOW in 2002, BIS 1 VETERAN,is the 10-years old Flinkbein Czary , who got the special thank's from the judge from her youthful essence. The BIS 2 VET, and so also the BOO, is Flinkbein Eter .
THE BEST FATHER , or the vinner of the progeny class of males, is Flinkbein Eter
THE BEST MOTHER , or the vinner of the progeny class of females, is Flinkbein Czary , the second is Flinkbein Miedziany ,third Wiklina z Wielgowa , fourth Heidelind's Truth is Out There .
THE BEST COUPLE was the father and son, Flinkbein Eter and Flinkbein Puchar Pies
10.08.2002 was the Lagotto-club summer-days in Nastola.Peterpan was not booked in the Lagotto CLUB-SHOW, but his progenys were. The victor of the puppies, or the BIS LAGOTTO- PUPPY , from among 17 puppies, was a son of Peterpan Mandaraban Maliardo and BIS 2 PUPPY, was a daughter of Peterpan Mandaraban Maga Minuscola . Photos coming soon. 04.08.2002 Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke was in Lithuania, Palanga, in the dog show. He got the Lithuanian cac and later also the CACIB. BOB VETERAN in this show, was Flinkbein Czary . 28.07.2002, Rauma In the show in Rauma , the young Flinkbein Srodek conquered his audience, outdistanced two international champions, and was the BOB of the day

27.07.2002, Lohja
In the Lohja-show for groups 1&5, BOB was the daughter of Flinkbein Eter , Marquee Ear Duster , who is also competing in the juniorclass, and in the same day .......

27.07.2002, Kajaani
......another daughter of Flinkbein Eter , Vauhtipyörän Rozika was the second best female in the show and got cac. BOB puppy in this show, was the son of Flinkbein Kompletny Pon , Jagodas Bryla Kompletny In this weekend we were "on holiday" from shows, so I had some time for update my pages.
The T-litter, which is born 12.02.02 has got their pictures at
Srodek, Srebro and Swietny have got their own pages to
13.07.2002, Mikkeli 13.07.2002 in Mikkeli, BOB was Flinkbein Puchar Pies and the second best male was the 10 months old ( in that day) Flinkbein Srodek . BOO in that show, was Srodek's sister Flinkbein Swietny , and the second best female and BOB VETERAN, was Flinkbein Czary . So the siblings have got their 2 cac's into one month, at the three first shows. 05.07.2002, Amsterdam 05.07.2002 in the world dog show, the young siblings were competing in the juniorclass, as a youngist in their class. They both, Flinkbein Srodek and Flinkbein Swietny were richly, second best in their classes , V2, "res-winners". Flinkbein Puchar Pies was , also with excellent, V3 .
Also Radosna Goralka z Banciarni , Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa and Heidelind's Truth is Out There got excellent in that show. 29.06.2002, Loimaa 29.06.2002 in Loimaa Flinkbein Srodek was at the very first time in the "official shows", in juniorclass, at the age of 9 months and 2 weeks. The start was great, because he was placed as high as BOB, and he got his first cac.
BOO at this show was also a juniordog, a daughter of Flinkbein Eter Marquee Ear Duster

30.06.2002, INT Forssa 30.06.2002 at the international show in Forssa, Flinkbein Swietny tok her fist cac ( at the age of 9months 2weeks) when she was placed third of the females.
Her brother Flinkbein Srodek was the second best male here.

BOB VET at this show, was the grandmother of the siblings Flinkbein Czary 16.06.2002, Int Pärnu Estonia 16.06.2002 in the international show in Pärnu, droped Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke in the ring, after a pause almost one year. The results were very nice, he was BOB and got the Estonian cac and CACIB.
The grand old lady, Flinkbein czary who was as a travelling companion to Lucky, was BOB VET. 09.06.2002 PARAINEN In the Agility-competition in Parainen Flinkbein Elita took her last honorary award, which was demanded for the Agility Champion title. So she become the second AGILITY CHAMPION in Finland among PONs . Because she was already FIN CH, become she the first PON in Finland, who is also DOUBLE CHAMPION

BIG CONGRATULATIONS , You have done a great work, Tommi Raita-aho !!!

09.06.2002 Tuomarinkartano
09.06.2002 was a puppy-show in Tuomarinkartano. The BEST OF BREED puppy was Flinkbein Srebro and BOO- puppy in this show was a daughter of Ilona (Heidelind's Truth is Out There) Marquee Fiddle-Faddle
The Group competition was also victorious for "Kingi", because he was placed richly GROUP 3

09.06.2002 Pietarsaari
There was also a dog show in Pietarsaari at the same day. In this show BOB was, yet in the juniorclass competiting, Flinkbein Rycina 'Ladna , who also got her second cac . Tuusula, 02.06.2002 02.06.2002 in Tuusula, in a dog show, arranged in a hectic sunny sports ground , the BOB PUPPY was Flinkbein Srodek .

After a half year pause, payd a visit in shows also Radosna Goralka z Banciarni who was placed the second best female, and had also her second cac.

BOB in Tuusula was Heidelind's Truth is Out There , who also got her first group placement. She was richly GROUP 2 Aptus, 19.05.2002 19.05.2002 Helsinki ice stadium , Aptus show Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa was today winning her brother, ans so she was BOB in this show.
BOO in this show , was Flinkbein Kompletny Pon

The second best female and also the BOB VETERAN was the mother of those siblings , Flinkbein Czary .
BF 4 was the daughter of Flinkbein Eter , Marquee Ear Duster who also got her first cac. SSKY, THE SPECIAL SHOW 05.05.2002 , in the SSKY Special Show
Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB, and besides that, he was also BIS 3 ! The 5th best male was a young Flinkbein Qui Vinsitore ,who got also his first cac at this show.
BOO, also in this show, was the "big sister" Flinkbein Kochany Krolowa
The sekond best female and also BOB VETERAN in this show was the "mother" Flinkbein Czary , who was also placed as BIS 4 VET . Third best female was also a veteran, 11 years old Gorczyca z Wielgowa

The BOB PUPPY was Flinkbein Srodek , who was, quite mighty, placed BIS 1 PUPPY .
Flinkbein -breedergroup was placed in the groups BIS 3 breedergroup
and Flinkbein Eter's progeny-group BIS 2 progeny-group. Lahti, int 28.04.2002 in the international show in Lahti, Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB. He got the last CACIB and become INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION .
Besides, Puchar was placed in the groups, quite mighty , he was the gruop-vinner GRUOP 1
BOO in this show, was the "big sister" Flinkbein Kochany Krolowa

The second best female and also BOB VETERAN was the 11 years old Gorczyca z Wielgowa ." Karkki" completed the wonderful day, and was also placed in the groups . She was BIS 5 VET

BOB PUPPY , also in Lahti, was Flinkbein Swietny

What a wonderful day !!!! Polvijärvi 27.04.2002 in Polvijärvi Flinkbein Swietny was BOB puppy.
In the big rings "Minski" improved her earlier placement, and was BIS 2 puppy
Congratulations for the magnificent day Minski & Minna. Hyvinkää, puppy-show 21.04.2002 in the puppy-show in Hyvinkää, Flinkbein Srodek made his debut in the show-rings, and was also BOB -puppy.
Srodek placed also in the groups's and he was GROUP 4 puppy
Congratulations "Rodo" Heidi ja Jarno !!! Puppy-show 14.04.2002 in puppy-show in Tikkurila Flinkbein Srebro was BOB. So also "Kingi" started his show-carrier . New photos of "Kingi" at the pages of younf stars.
Congratulations Olli, Tintti & Kingi !

New Stars Stockholm, INT 30.03.2002 in the big international show in Stockholm, Sweden Flinkbein Ogrom was BOB and got the swedish CACIB. The second best male in that show, was "Into's" father,Flinkbein Nokaut
Congratulations Tanja, you had a great day !!!
Lahti, puppy-show 24.03.2002 in the puppy-show in Lahti, Flinkbein Swietny was at the first time in puppy-show. She was BOB-puppy and was placed in the group , GROUP 4 -puppy. !
Congratulations to "Minski" and Minna !!
Tampere, INT 17.03.2002 in the international show in Tampere
Flinkbein Puchar-Pies was BOO and receive his last cac and also CACIB. So he become Finnish, Estonian and Latvian champion.
For the international champion title, the "time was not complete" , because he got his first CACIB accurately one year earlier, 17.03.2001 in Tampere. So it was short of one day.

The second best female was Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa , third and also BOB VETERAN Flinkbein Czary , fourth and second in the veterans Flinkbein Dewiza, and fifth best female was the 11- months old Flinkbein Rycina 'Ladna , who got also her first cac.
A daughter of Flinkbein Eter Marquee Ear Duster was also at the first time in juniorclass, got also SA and was sixth of the females.

Show results

THE BEST PON's of the year The Finnish PON-club announced the challenge cups for the best PON's of the year 2001.
The second best Show-Pon was oli JW-00, PMW-01, V-01 Flinkbein Puchar-Pies, who was competing the whole year 2001 in junior- and young-class, got the mighty points 51, and tail away only 2p. to the "old showman" Borgåkers Lord Londyn.
The Best Show-Pon 3. and also the best female, was INT&FIN&EST& LTU CH, JMW-98, W-98,-01 ESTW-99, BALTW-99,-00 Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa
The Best Ceteran of 2001 with the superior score, was INT & FIN & EST & LT CH, PLW-00 EUW-00 Flinkbein Czary
The Best Obedience-Pon 2 and also 6th in the veterans, was FIN CH Flinkbein Elita
MEGA - PON 2001was FIN CH Flinkbein Elita
Demands for being placed in the MEGA-PON -competition is, that the dog has been competiting at least 3 of next : shows, obedience, agility or working- dogs competitions .
Elita is the first PON, who got awarded the Mega-PON premium .

Read more about the best PON's and the TOP 20 !!

The Best PON's of the Year

  • 16.02.2002 IMATRA
    Flinkbein Nokaut was BOO, in the international show in Imatra, and he got the last CACIB to reach his title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
    BOB was Heidelind's Truth is Out There co-owned by kennels Flinkbein and Marquee. She got also CACIB there.
    BOB PUPPY in that show was a son of Flinkbein Eter , Marquee Even-Steven and BOO PUPPY was a daughter of Flinkbein Eter , Marquee Ear Duster

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  • 12.02.2002 Flinkbein T-litter was born. The mother is Wiklina z Wielgowa and the father is Nourak du clos Basiliens.

  • New photos of Srodek (Rodo)
    New stars

  • 26.01.2002 INT TURKU
    Flinkbein Puchar-Pies was at the first time in open class in Turku, and he was, also there, BOB.
    He got the CACIB, but could not take the cac, because he already had it from that judge, from juniorclass.
    BOB VET and also BOO in this show, was 10,5 years old Gorczyca z Wielgowa , the second best female was Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa and third best female, and also second in the veteran-class was Flinkbein Dewiza
    BOB PUPPY in the show was a son of Flinkbein Eter, Marquee Even-Steven

    26.01.2002 KEMI
    Flinkbein Questa Bambola, "Sivi"was at the first time in dog shows in Kemi. Her placement, in this very first appearance in juniorclass, was the first and she got also the honorary award. Congratulations also to Sivi and Susanna !.

  • 20.01.2002 HOLLOLA
    Flinkbein Ogrom wast at the first time in open class, and he was Best of Breed (BOB).
    So he got his last cac, and become FINish and Swedish CHampion .
    BOB puppy, at thie show was a daughter of Flinkbein Eter Marquee Ear Duster
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  • 05.01.2002 had Flinkbein Rycina Ladna, "Rosi" her birthday. She became evenly 9 months, and get very first time, in dog shows, in juniorclass.
    At the Kajaani INT-show 5.1.-02, "Rosi" von the juniorclass and get also the honorary award. This is a very good start for such a young dog. Congratulations Nina and Rosi.