polski owczarek nizinny - lagotto romagnolo

Here are the most recent updatings, the important things for us, events and photos, of this current year, year 2003.


14.12.2003 THE NEVSKIY WINNER SHOW 14.12.2003 was in Russian, the St. Petersburg Winner show, and there were also Flinkbein Wolec and Flinkbein Swietny .
Wolec was BOB JUNIOR, and got the title NEVSKIY JW-03 . In the group competition for juniors, he wast at semi-finals .
"Minski" was the BOB , and she got both the Russian cac and the CACIB. She also got the title NEVSKIY WINNER-03

Besides that........ "Minski" DID IT AGAIN !!!
In the group competition she was GROUP 1 13.12.2003 was in Belgium the Belgian Winner show. in this show, the daughter of Flinkbein Kompletny Pon and Xarna van Het Goralenhof , Jagodas Bis Kaszanka was BOB, and got the title BELGIAN WINNER -03 JW-03 We have got today, 11.12 , the confirmation from our Kennel Club, that all the confusions that happened at the ring, have adjusted, and
Flinkbein Wolec is JW-03 .
The splendid culmination of the magnificent show year 2003 The last show in the year 2003, the Finish Winner Show, was in the Independence Day of Finland, 06.12.2003 , in Messukeskus Helsinki.

For the Flinkbein PON's, the show was just magnificent, 3 winnertitles!
The Junior Winner of males, was only 9 months old Flinkbein Wolec ,
The Winner -03 of males, and also the BOO , was Flinkbein Puchar Pies and the BOB and also the Winner-03 of females, was Flinkbein Swietny .
Also the victory of breedersgroup come to the Flinkbein PON's.

At the very first time, in the big Winner-show of Helsinki, the breedersgroup of polski owczarek nizinnys, get to continue ; in the big BIS-competition the Flinkbein-group was in the semi-finals. This was so much mighty, because in this year, there was breedersgroups more than ever before.

The unconditional culmination of this show, were the FINALS in the BIG RING. The 2 years old "Minski" , Flinkbein Swietny , was THE BEST of the big group : Sheepdogs and Cattledogs , she was
On sunday "Minski" was also in the BEST IN SHOW -ring, as the best of group 1.
So, she was among of the 10 most beautiful dogs of this big 8000-dogs Winnershow.

The only really unpleasant event in the whole show weekend, happened in the quite end of the breed ring. The ring secretary mixed the markings of the results of the Junior Winner males, and marked the titles in the wrong papers. Wolec however participated to all of the competitions of cac and res-cac etc, as a winner, and both the secretarys and the judge had checked the numbers several times, so the dog was right.
Afterwards the owners of the second juniormale "Zamy" , claimed, that the title belongs to them, because it is in the papers, and they didn't go to clear up the matter in the show office.
But we have asked our Kennel Club to make the clearing of it. We only hope, that we get the situation clered up, but it can be a litlle bit diffucult now afterwards. Znowu Sloto and Zycie-Niechzyje have got their new photos.
NEW STARS !!! Some new photos of the Z-litter, and more coming soon.
You can find them now from the pages : NEW STARS !!! 09.11.03 Kristiinankaupunki .
Flinkbein Swietny was BOB in the show in Kristiinankaupunki, and the litlle half-brother Flinkbein Wolec was the BOB-PUPPY. 01.11.2003
Flinkbein Srodek was in Kotka, in the "Rose of Kotka"-show and was BOB there. So he got the last cac, what was demended for the champion-title, and now Srodek is FIN CH.
Besides that, Srodek cleared up, with his keen appearance, his way to the group placements, and at last he was

At the same time, his "litlle brother"
Flinkbein Wolec
was BOB-puppy, in the puppyshow in Espoo. New photos of the puppies of Wiklina z Wielgowan and Pon-Joy Alban. 19.10.2003 Karjaa puppy-show
Flinkbein Wolec was BOB-PUPPY and was in the finals richly GROUP 2 puppy
Congratulations Tiina & Wolec New photos of the puppies of Wiklina z Wielgowa and Pon-Joy Alban.

Photos at the age of 2 weeks SSKY SPECIAL SHOW The SSKY -special show was 21.09.2003 in Hyvinkää, in the old wool industry factory.
Flinkbein Wolec was the BOB PUPPY, and he also was in the finals
BIS 2 puppy
BOB was Flinkbein Puchar Pies , who also was very succesful in the big ring, He was BIS 3
The BOO of this show was Flinkbein Swietny , Who was at the first time in open class, got the last cac, and become FIN CH .
SSKY special show, photos of the vinners BABY-NEWS The litter of Wiklina z Wielgowa and the Danish Pon-Joy Alban has born 18.09.2003. We got 5 handsome males and only one female.

More about the litter
Photos of the puupies


Besides this litter, the 7 weeks old lagotto romagnolo -female , Budoar Vincita, has joined among us.

Vincita has her own pages, and them you can find :
My own dogs , Vincita Flinkbein S-litter come 2 years in saturday , 13.9. In sunday, in the dog show in Porvoo, at the age of 2years and 1 day, Flinkbein Srebro got a cac from open class. It was the last cac, what was demanded to the title of FIN CH.
Congratulations Tintti and Kingi !!! Radosna Goralka z Banciarni was at shows in Tervakoski 06.09.03, since her maternity holliday at spring. Osna was there BOB, and got the required cac from open class, so Osna is now FIN CH. Wiklina z Wielgowa has been mated wit a Danish Pon-Joy Alban. The litter is expected to be born 20.09.2003.
More information of the litter Two shows at the same time...... 30.08.2003 we had two shows at the same day. In the morning we were in Hakunila. There was a big show for all breeds, and the judge was the Polish Thomas Borkowski.
Best of Breed there was Flinkbein Puchar Pies , "the second best male" with the cac was Flinkbein Srodek and "the third best male" with the reserv-cac was his brother Flinkbein Srebro . BOO was a daughter of Flinkbein Nokaut and Heidelind's Truth is Out There, Marquee Fiddle Faddle.

In the afternoon we were at Sipoo, where we had our annual meeting and the Club Show.
BEST IN SHOW -puppy was Flinkbein Wolec , the adults BIS-2 and BOO was Flinkbein Srodek and the VETERAN BIS was Flinkbein Dewiza . Now we had at the first time also a "HONOUR CLASS " for those dogs, who have already won the adults BIS , and the winner of that was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon .

All the results 25.08.2003 BALTIC WINNER -03 25.08.2003 the Baltic Winner-show, Tallinn, Estonia - a great day, indeed !!
We had, for home presents, two Winner-titles, two CACIB's, two cac's and one reserv-CACIB.

The Best Of Breed in this show, and of course also the BaltW-03, was Flinkbein Puchar Pies , the second best male was, along with the Estonian regulations in the open class competing, 16 moths old Figiel Hajko Nerita , who got the Estonia cac, and the res-CACIB. But because Puchar already was int.ch gets Figiel the second foreign CACIB later.

BOO in this show was Flinkbein Swietny , who got both, the Estonian cac and the CACIB, and of course had also the title BaltW-03.

18.08.2003 Aura In the dog show of Aura, the BOB was Flinbein Swietny ,
who was succesful also in the BIG RING , and was placed at GROUP 4, at his time.

17.08.2003 father, son and the daughter at shows After a pause of a whole year, Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke dropped in to the international show in Vaasa. He was BOB in the show, and got the last CACIB , which was demanded to the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
BOO in this show was Flinkbein Swietny , who got, again, both cac and CACIB.

The son of Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke , Marquee Get-Up-and-Go was at the very first time in dog show, in Joensuu. He was also BOB, and got the first cac there.
Congratulations to the father and the son !!

17.07.2003 in Kokkola has been a show, and there was the daughter of Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke , Flinkbein Rycina 'Ladna , who was BOB there. So "Rosi" got her last cac, and become FINISH CHAMPION.
Congratulations Rosi !! 09-10.08.2003 The "Summer Days" of the Finnish Lagotto Club were in Porvoo, at the Kokkoniemi outdoor recreation area, 9-10.8.03. There was also the Club Show for lagotto's. The winner of the males, and also the BOO of this show, was Peterpan .
The son of Peterpan, Mandaraban Maliardo was the third best male and the daughter of peterpan Mandaraban Maga Minuscola was the third best female.

At the same time was, in Lohja, the obedience championships of the Finnish Pon Club. The Obedience Master of 2003 is a daughter of Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke Marquee Goody Goody . 03.08.2003 Rauma In the dog show in Rauma, 3.8.03 , the Best Of Breed was Flinbein Swietny , who got also another group placement. She was at the Big Ring GROUP 2.

The very promising begin in the puppyclasses has also had the daughter of Flinkbein Nokaut and Flinkbein Modelka , Flinkbein Uroda , who was in Rauma, now at the second time, BOB puppy.
Congratulations Minski and Usva !!! 26.07.2003 INT. MIKKELI 26.07.2003 In the international show in Mikkeli, Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB, had also a group placement, and was finally GRUOP 3. .
Figiel Hajko-Nerita who was competing in the joung class, got a cac.
Holidays events..... 16.07. - 19.07.2003 was in the litlle Vadstena-town, in Sweden, during the four hectic days, four international shows. The show place was a big sports ground and it's surrounding of a little idyllic town. Dogs were from 13 different coutries, about 12 000 dogs. It was a big work for a litlle town, but it was just great !

Also in the centrum, the show was well observed. All the stores of the pedestrian street had decorated their display windows with toy dogs, dog photos, etc. etc. And almost every store had outside a cup with fresh water for dogs.

I had booked to Vadstena, in addition to Swedish, for two shows Figiel Hajko-Nerita, who just a day before the shows become 15 months and moved over for the joung class, and also for two shows Flinkbein Srodek.

16.07.2003 Vadstena Figiel Hajko-Nerita BOB, CACIB, cac
17.07.2003 Vadstena Flinkbein Srodek BOB, CACIB, cac
18.07.2003 Vadstena Flinkbein Srodek BOB, CACIB, cac. In addition to Srodek was placed among 10 in the goups.
19.07.2003 Vadstena Figiel Hajko-Nerita res-CACIB.

We had also some days for the "real holidays".
From Vadstena we went straight to Denmark, where we had a couple real splendid days, among others we were in Seltena, at seashore, with dogs, at the hot sand.......and swimming in the sea.
From Denmark we went to Poland, where we were visiting some very good friends.......... and now I am full with new plans :-)
At last we drive home through Baltic. At home we were few hours, and started to Mikkeli ....... 06.07.2003 Karjaa In Karjaa, at a Very Warm sports ground, the junior male Figiel Hajko Nerita was BOB, and BOO was, also in juniroclass, a daughter of Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke Marquee Goody-Goody.
28.06.2003 Once again we had a month break..... :-)

In this time we were in Ulvila dog show. Flinkbein Puchar-Pies was the Best Of Breed, and Flinkbein Swietny was the Best Of Opposite.
The veteran BOB was Flinkbein Dewitza and the cac went to the juniorclass male Figiel Hajko Nerita .

Besides this, we have got a new Int Ch among us, because Ilona, Heidelind's Truth is Out There , has today been in Trondheim, Norwegian. She was BOB and got the last foreign CACIB, which she was needed for the title INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION .

Congratulations Marika & Ilona !!!. WORLD WINNER SHOW 2003 The world Winner Show of the year 2003, was in Dortmund, Germany, 29.05-01.06. The weather was really warm and hectic. And as we knew, the judge put us to run. I admit, that now the condition of the handler was expired :-)

The EUW-02 Flinkbein Puchar-Pies is now also the WW-03. At the same time, Puchar got the APH-cac and VDH-CH and CACIB.

The res-WW-03 of females, was Flinkbein Swietny, who also got the VDH-CH , APH-cac and of course the res-CACIB, and will later get the CACIB.

Figiel Hajko Nerita was V2 in juniorclass, ans so he was the res-JWW.

To this show, was booked 6 descendants of Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon, from 4 different combinations, and all these dogs were paleced at their classes, and they got exellent.

V2 Ponwood's Led Zeppelin (mother. Ponwood Fancy Girl)
V3 Flinkbein Srodek (mother. Flinkbein Miedziany)

V3 Jagodas Bis Kaszanka (mother. Xsarna van hef Goralenhof)
V4 Jagodas Basniowy Pon (mother. Xsarna van hef Goralenhof )

V1 Flinkbein Swietny (mother. Flinkbein Miedziany)
V2 Ponwood's Mona Lisa (mother Wiwa Tangara)

More reslts you can find at the "Star Moments" and there WW-03 After a resting for a while, Flinkbein POn's werat at shows again. At Aptus Show, in Helsinki, 25.05.2003, BOB was the young 13 mounths old
Figiel Hajko Nerita , who got his first cac .
The res-cac went to Flinkbein Srodek

BOO and also cac went to Flinkbein Swietny Moment of happiness In the internal show in Lahti, 27.04.03, the "sister"
Flinkbein Swietny was the Best of Breed

And the Flinkbein- team got, at the third show after each other, the great GROUP PLACEMENT. Today in Lahti Swietny wast at the big ring GROUP 2

Congratulations Minna & Minski

Group placements y.01-> These are the real, real STAR MOMENTS !!! 21.04.03 in Lappeenranta, at the Eastern Show, in a very warm day, the 19 months old
Flinkbein Srodek was the Best Of Breed..

In addition to this, we got also, already at another big show after each other, a great GROUP PLACEMENT GROUP 1 , and also, at a first PON in FINLAND, who has been placed in the BEST IN SHOW- competition, Srodek was placed among the 4 most beautiful dogs in the show, and was BIS 4 .

Group placements y.01-> I have made some changes at the pages RESULTS and STAR MOMENTS. All the results of SSKY SPECIAL SHOWS and THE PON-CLUB SHOWs are now in the pages RESULTS .

My own dogs and my fosters have, over the years, reached totally
72 group placements ( by 16.04.03 ).
This was for one table ( and for my computer ) too much, so the group placements are now in two tables the achievements of 1994-2000 and forwards of the year 2001 .
The Finish PON-club published the deserved PONs of the year 2002, in the spring annual meeting, 22.02.2003. Among the 10 best males and females were...

  • 1.Flinkbein Puchar-Pies ow. Taija Tuohilampi 57p.
  • 2. Flinkbein Srodek ow.Heidi Alén & Taija Tuohilampi 29p.
  • 4. Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke ow. Taija Tuohilampi 20p.
  • 6. Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon ow.Maija Bragge & T.Tuohilampi 10p.
  • 7. Flinkbein Srebro ow. Christina Drake & Olli Silvennoinen 9p.
  • 8. Flinkbein Nokaut ow. Tanja Salo 7p. 2002 - TOP TEN FEMALES
  • 3. Flinkbein Kochany-Krolowa ow. Ulla Jalava 34p.
  • 4. Heidelind´s Truth Is Out There ow.T.Tuohilampi&Marika Toivonen 32 p.
  • 5. Flinkbein Swietny ow. Minna Perttula 28 p.
  • 8. Flinkbein Rycina Ladna ow. Nina Koivisto 14p. 2002 - TOP TEN VET FEMALES
  • 1. Flinkbein Czary ow. Ulla Jalava 47p.
  • 3. Gorczyca z Wielgowa ow. Taija Tuohilampi 30 p.
  • 4. Flinkbein Dewiza ow. Paula Kaukoranta 12p. 2002 - TOP TEN AGILITY
  • 1. Flinkbein Elita ow.Tommi Raita-aho 94p The Best of 2002 INT TAMPERE
    In the international show in Tampere, 15-16.03.2003, we had just super wonderful moments.
    Flinkbein Puchar Pies was BOB. Besides this, he took his 7th group placement, and was "in this secend big international show in Finland" richly GROUP 1 ,

    Flinkbein Srodek got cac, and his sister Flinkbein Swietny got res-CACIB, and will have later the real CACIB to herself. a photo
    Osnas ( Radosna Goralca z Banciarni) and Pompula's ( Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon) puppies on a photo !! More about the litter at the pages Puppies

    The litter for Osna ( Radosna Goralca z Banciarni) and Pompula ( Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon) has born 16.02.2003.We had 3 males and one female.

    More about the litter at the pages Puppies

    15.02.2003 INT. IMATRA
    The international dog show of Imatra, was on the saturday 15.02.2003. The Best of breed, BOB, in this winter-show was Flinkbein Swietny , who got the cac and already her second CACIB . The CACIB of the males went to her brother Flinkbein Srodek , who thus got also his second CACIB.

    In the groups, the 17 months old Flinkbein Swietny was raised to the semi-finals, or at the 8 best dogs.

    Champion of Champions

    Because of the honour, of the most victoriousness showdogs of the year 2002, organized gala-show,
    Champion of Champions &
    Veteran of Veterans

    was in the restaurant/conference hotel Dipoli, in Espoo, 08.02.2003.

    The show is organized as a invitation-show ; the best dogs of the preceding year get the invitation for the show. In this year, 64 dogs competing of the title Champion of Champions, and 21 dogs competing of the title Veteran of Veterans, had got the invitation and were booked to the show.

    The only polski owczarek nizinny, who got the invitation of this show, for the top-dogs of the year, was
    Flinkbein Puchar-Pies .

    25.01.2003 INT TURKU
    Our first show in the year 2003, with the new, yet a litlle bit rare regulations, took place 25.1.03 in Turku.

    The classes were familiar, but the competition classes we find strange. On principle the best males and and the best females -classes were short of, those who we before had.

    The best of breed, BOB, was Flinkbein Puchar-Pies . The victor of the male "cac-class" and the vice-victor of the "CACIB-class" was Flinkbein Srodek , who got them both, cac and the res-CACIB.

    The victor of the female "cac-class" and the vice-victor of the "CACIB-class" was his sister, Flinkbein Swietny who also got them both, cac and the res-CACIB.
    Because the first dogs were already inter.champions, get the siblings their first CACIBs from this show.


    The Greatly Beloved mother, grandmother, grandgrandmother grandgrandgrandmother

    Gorczyca z Wielgowa

    has died today, 10.01.2003 , at home, at the age of 11,5 years..

    Sulle pienen polskin lainata voin,
    sanoi Jumala kerran,
    Sille kaksitoista vuotta elämää soin
    tai vain muutaman tuokion verran.
    Sinun tehtäväsi on sitä rakastaa kunnes se ylittää elämän rajan;
    saat nähdä vaivaa ja uurastusta sen pienen elämän ajan.
    Se tuottaa Sinulle monet huolet ja usein vie vaivasi hukkaan,
    mutta surustasi se kantaa myös puolet, ja sen muistot ei unohdukaan.
    Se on maasta ja maaksi sen tultava on, en muuta voi luvatakaan.
    Eihän surusi ole pohjaton, jos et iäksi sitä omaksi saakaan ?

    Ja vastasin Herralle näin:
    Olkoon niin, antaa surunkin tulla.
    Koiranpennulle, jonka sulta sain,
    on silti kylliksi hellyyttä mulla.
    Olen onnellinen, että omistin sen, joka hetkestä kiittäen.
    Ja surun tullessa tuskallisen, sen kestän ymmärtäen.
    Ja kun ystäväni on lähtenyt koirien taivaan maahan,
    tämän kiistojen maailman jättänyt.
    Sen muistoksi, kuulkaahan,
    otan toisen pienen polskin,
    jota hoidan ja rakastan sen pienen elämän ajan.

    Jil Harwoodin runosta vapaasti suomentanut Helena Paavilainen,
    runo lainattu Zornoi-kennelin -sivuilta http://www.kolumbus.fi/kennel.zornoi/bond.html

    The litter for Flinkbein Modelka & Flinkbein Nokaut has born 19.12.2002 Look for more information PUPPIES