polski owczarek nizinny - lagotto romagnolo

Here are the most recent updatings, the important things for us, events and photos, of this current year, year 2004.


Yes, also the dogs can understand, what Christmas is .....
My dogs, when we had made the Christmascleaning, christmas tree was decorated, lantern and torch were lighted, when the ham was ripen in the oven, and the Christmas flowers give the nice scent to the room, our dogs started to wait the Santa........

Here you can find some beautiful photos of Flinkbein Christmas
and here some new winter photos
in the left : BOO Growler's Artysta Cyrkowy,
on the right : BOB Flinkbein Swietny
The Swedish Winner -show was 12.12.2004 in Stockholm.
Two Flinkbein dogs were booked to this show , in all PON's were booked 17 dogs.

Best of Breed, become Flinkbein Swietny, who got the title Swedish Winner-04. Besides this Minski got CACIB, and the Swedish cac ( she was booked to the open class ), and so she become also Swedish Champion.
Further in the young class competing
Flinkbein Wolec was the second best male, BM 2, and got the Swedish cac and the res-CACIB. Because the first male already was international champion, comes the CACIB to Wolec.

I must say, that there was a quite fantastic atmospher, in the swedish show ring .........
All our Swedish friends take place to chat with us, to wish luck or to tell something about their own dogs . After Wolec become second from the males, all congratulated us, and after Swietny finally WON the whole ring, ALL the rivals and the viewers, around the show ring TAPPED !!!
This was feeling so nice - if only we could have this same feeling to our Finnish show-rings too.

04.12.2004 was the "Finnish Winner-04" in the Helsinki Fair Centre
Greatly better, this show would not be, for Flinkbein dogs, as we collected almost all the titles in there
The titles : The WINNER of MALES, The WINNER of FEMALES and
In the same way we got the BOB (Best of Breed), BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)and the BOB VET ( Best of Breed Veteran) titles, and the placements Best Male 1, Best Male 2, Best Males 3 & Best Male 4 and also the Best Female 1 placement.
Flinkbein breedergroup was also BOB-breedergroup.
And after all this we got also the placement in the group competition, Puchar-Pies was GROUP 2.

The TOP SHOW of the Finish dog world, "Finnish Winner-04", was in the Helsinki Fair Centre, in the 04-05.12.2004
Flinkbein PON's clarified in this show just splendid.
The first dog in the ring was
Flinkbein Zupelnu Suckes ,who was competing in the junior class . He snatch the title JUNIORWINNER -04. At the same time "Milou" was the SECOND BEST MALE (BM2), and got the cac. He didn't have age enough, so he didn't get the res-CACIB.
Flinkbein Wolec was the best in the young class, and in the finals he was the 4th BEST MALE (BM4), and got the res-cac.
In the champion class, there was 2 Flinkbein males,
Flinkbein Srebro who was in the finals, the 3rd BEST MALE (BM3), and got the res-CACIB, and
Flinkbein Puchar Pies, who was the BEST MALE 1 (BM 1), and also the BEST OF BREED (BOB). Because Puchar already is the International Champion, goes the CACIB to Flinkbein Srebro.

In the females, in juniorclass was with Flinkbein Zrenica . She had the first season ending, and it was disturbing her present, so she got in this time only very good.
Flinkbein Swietny was very stately in the ring, as she useally is, and the results was THE BEST FEMALE (BF 1). She was also BOS (BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX) and got the CACIB. Because also Swietny is already the International Champion, goes the CACIBthe the second female, who got in this show the res-CACIB.

In the VETERAN CLASS, there was the 11 years old Flinkbein Dewiza who downright flied in the ring, and the result was THE BEST OF BREED VETERAN (BOB VET)
"Ropsu" is just in splendid condition for her age, she has a mighty long good quality coat, which may many younger dogs jealous, in addition she was handled and appear with such a joy, the she should also be among the four best females - but the judge didn't think it at the same way, in this time :-).
But big big thank's for the owner of "Ropsu", Paula Kaukoranta, taking care of and handling the old dog, such in splended way.

Flinkbein breeder-group was also the BEST OF BREED BREEDER-GROUP

In the end of this magnificent day, Flinkbein Puchar-Pies was placed also in the GROUP COMPETITION, he was placed GROUP 2

Also the lagotto-girl Budoar Vincita was in the Winner-show. Vincita was in the juniorclass, and she was the third best female (Excellent 3 ) at her class. The winner of this class, was the sister of Vincita, Budoar Veronica , who got also the title JUNIORWINNER -04. Besides this Veronica was the second best female, BF 2, and got the cac..
Congratulations Veronica & Pia !!!

21.11.2004 was the big international dog show in Jyväskylä.
Through many many chances, the only Flinkbein dog, who was in the showring in Jyväskylä, was
Flinkbein Wolec. Wolec bear surely this big responsibility creditably, as he was BOO - BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX - and got his 19th cac and CACIB.


BALTIC WINNER 2004, Riga, Latvia
International dog show, "Baltic Winner'2004", was in Riga , Latvia, 13.11.2004.
BOB - BEST OF BREED - in this show was
Flinkbein Wolec, who got as well the Latvian cac, as the CACIB. He become also BALTIC WINNER 2004 .
BOO in Riga was
Flinkbein Swietny, . She got also the Latvian cac and CACIB, and of copurse the title BALTIC WINNER 2004. In addition to this, "Minskistä" become also LATVIAN CHAMPION .

CONGRATULATIONS Tiina & Wolec and Minna & Minski !!!

23.10.2004 in SEINÄJOKI

was an international show, where was booked 5 Flinkbein polski owczarek nizinnys and lagotto romagnolo Budoar Vincita.
The best of breed PUPPY, BOB PUPPY, was
Flinkbein Zrenica
BEST OF BREED, BOB, was the young male, still in youngclass, Flinkbein Wolec,
who got his 17th cac from Finland, and of course the CACIB.
Flinkbein Swietny
Flinkbein Udany who competed in youngclass, was a litlle bit shy, so she got very good. On the other hand, Flinkbein Zwierzchnik Mily had Soooooooooooo Funny in the show ring, that his paws didn't touch the ground, when he was running, so the result was, that he also got very good.
In the groups Wolec was reised to the semifinals, among the eight best dogs.

With Lagottos, the junior female, Budoar Vincita was the best of the breed, BOB, and got her third cac.
Poor-Ciitta, her fate are the group-competitions : Now we had behind us a lady with a Spanish water dog "driving over" her - she run directly to Ciittas heels....... ..... How can the dog owners , in the group 8, behave so coarse in the goups ?!?!?!

24.10.2004 in SEINÄJOKI
was the national dog show, where was also booked 5 Flinkbein polski owczarek nizinnys. Vincita was not with us today, but she staid in the log hut.
Also today, the best of breed PUPPY, BOB PUPPY, was
Flinkbein Zrenica
Today the BEST OF BREED, BOB, was Flinkbein Swietny, and
Flinkbein Wolec who got his 18th cac from Finland.
Flinkbein Udany who competed in youngclass, charmed the judge with her movements, and she become the third best female, and got her second cac. Flinkbein Zwierzchnik Mily enjoyd with "fully gulps" this show, his appearance in the show ring, and the ball, and the paws didn't touch the ground, not even today, when he was running, so the result was very good.
In the groups Swietny was also reised to the semifinals, among the eight best dogs.

Spanieliliiton erikoisnäyttely 16.10.2004
In the 40-years jubilee-show of the Finish Spaniel association, 16.10.2004 in Hyvinkää, Ciitta was the third best female in juniorclass, EXC3 and the sister of Ciitta, Veronica, was the second best female in juniorclass, and third of all the females. Ciitas brother, Budoar Victor, was the best male in juniorclass, and the second best male of all of the males. He got the res-cac.

Peterpan was the third best male in champion class.
Besides that the PROGENY CLASS of Peterpan, was the best of breed, 1KP

Last weekend we had BIS 1 - this weekend BIS 2
03.10.04 in Tampere show, the polski owczarek nizinnys
was the young male, yet in young class, but already 16 cac's collected

Flinkbein Wolec .
Also Wolec distinguished in the group competition, and he was richly the best dog of the whole shepherd group, GROUP 1 Finally Wolec was the second best dog of the whole show , BEST IN SHOW 2 .
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Tiina & Wolec !!!

Now we have lots of new photos of the pupies of Lucky and Wiklina.
And two wonderful males still without a loving families.
26.9 in Hyvinkää, in the traditional hall of The Old Wool Industry Factory, was arranged the official SSKY special show. It was also the official specialty for PON's .
This was downright excellent day for Flinkbein team, as the best dog of the day, BEST OF BREED, was
Flinkbein Puchar Pies. Puchar's "win-tempo" was very good and finally he was, in the group competition, also the most beautiful dog of the whole show, BEST IN SHOW

The best dog of the opposite sex, BOO, was Flinkbein Swietny. The second best male, was the one year old juniormale, Flinkbein Zupelnu Suckes who got also cac from this show.


kennel FLINKBBEIN had also the best breeding group of the breed. Besides this, Flinkbein team was victorious also in the group competition and Flinkbein breeding group was also the best breeding group of the whole show, BEST IN SHOW breeding group

more information of the SSKY SPECIAL SHOW

25.09.2004 LAMMI
In the show in Lammi, 25.9, the brother of Puchar-Pies, Fido, Flinkbein Pan Polysk pop in his second show in this year, and was also there the best of the breed, BOB .
CONGRATULATIONS Fido and the family !!

Ridasjävi 19.09.2004
Huh huh, it was a litlle bit confused and a "hasty" day, when to the show in Ridasjärvi participate both lagotto and PON's from us. Along the schedule the both breed were in the ring at the same time. We tried to change them, but didn't succeed. Fortunately we had time to the both rings.

The BEST OF BREED of Polski owczarek nizynny, was today Flinkbein Pan Polysk ,who has not been in shows for a long time. He got his last cac, which was demanded for the title of FIN CH, and became FINISH CHAMPION.
BOO in this show was
Flinkbein Udany , who was in the shows at the very first time. She got her first cac from this show.

Quite equal magnificent was the show with the lagotto romagnolo female, Budoar Vincita . She was also BOB, and got her second cac. Besides this, in the Groups Ciitta was among the semi-finalists, but didn't be placed among the 4 best dogs.

Porvoo 12.09.2004
To the show for all breeds in Povoo, 12.09.04, was not booked any Flinkbein polski owczarek nizinnys. Instead, there was a lagotto-girl Budoar Vincita booked to this show. She was the second best female of this show, and got a reserv-cac .
The BOB was the sister of Ciitta,
Budoar Veronica , who got the cac. And the success was not so bad with the brother of Ciitta either, Budoar Victor was the BOO - with the cac of course.

WEEKEND 04-05.09.2004
In the big show for all breeds in Tuomarinkartano, in Saturday 04.09.04, the 13-months old lagotto-girl Budoar Vincita who participate in juniorclass, was the BEST OF BREED, and got her first cac.

At the same time in North-Espoo, was the Finish PON-club competition, of Championships for obedience and a cub for agility To the CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR OBEDIENCE the "line-class" participate 3 Flinkbein dogs. Flinkbein Moj Malec with his owner Miina Väisänen, reach the third place with the splendid score 93,5 p. (max 100p.).

The same couple Miina & Masa participate also to the CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR CUB AGILITY , and they reach the second place.

05.09.2004, Sunday, in the big show for all breeds in Tuomarinkartano, the judge for polski owczarek nizinny was the wellknown Polish judge, Piotr Sliwka, who has judged PONs also in the European and World dog shows.
Flinkbein Wolec was the fourth best male and got the cac, BOO in this show was Flinkbein Srodek and the BEST OF BREED was the sister of preceding dog, Flinkbein Swietny .
Today's finally Minski distinguished in the groups, ans she was as high as GROUP 2

In the international show in Tallinn, Estonia
Flinkbein Srodek was the BOB, and got the last CACIB, on demand to the title of intternational champion. So he became INT CH.

In Finland, in Heinola, there was the show for all breeds. the judge was Polish Janusz Oparalla. BOB was the 11-months old Flinkbein Zupelnu Suckes . The second best male was Flinkbein Srebro .

Photos of the puppies
Now the photos of 1 week old puppies of Wiklina & Lucky. The small photos you get larger by clicking the photo. PUPPIES

21.08.2004 was the PON-club annual meeting and the traditional PON-CLUB SHOW. There was 41 PON's in this show.
This was a great show for the Flinkbein team. All the Flinkbein dogs get along splendid : The puppy was BIS PUPPY, all the adult dogs were among the 10 best dogs and also the benefits of tourist class and honour class come to Flinkbein dogs. The photos and the results are here PON-CLUB SHOW

22.08.2004 Tervakoski, the show for all breeds. The BOB and also the BOB-VET was the 10-years old "iron-lady" Flinkbein Dewiza
Congratulations, Paula & Ropsu

The LITTER of Wiklina and Lucky has born !!!
20.08.2004, at the small hours, AT LAST AND FINALLY, were born the puppies of Wiklina z Wielgowa.
The delivery was plenty overtime and I already reserved the time to the section on Friday, but Wiklina decided to make her puppies redy. Before the deadline heal up, she brought forth one bustling girl and 5 lively boys.
The girl and 2 boys are with natural stubby tail, and 3 boys are with the long tail. 4 of the puppies are like their fathers colours ( white with the brown-bees markings, coming whitwe grey as adulta ) and 2 are like their mother ( white with black marks).
The father is Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke.
15.08.2004 Raisio- The show for all breeds !! Flinkbein Wolec was BOB there, and he outdistanced many champion dogs. Flinkbein Srodek was the third best male in this show.

Some new pages has completed : Srebro has got more photos, Usmiech,Urok,Wior,Zycie-Niechzyje, Znowu Zloto and Zupelnu Suckes have now their own pages.

WELCOME to my revised homepages !!!

Now as well polski owczarek nizinny as lagotto romagnolo have their own pages. Look at the both breeds. Also some new photos of my own lagotto female, Vincita.
07.08.2004 LAMMI

The Lagotto Romagnolo Summerdays were in Lammi 7-8.08.04. At the same time there was also the Club Show for Lagotto. The judge was Arja Koskelo.
Our both lagottos were there - of course - and Pansi had the last year BOO-challenge-cup to defend.
Peterpan , was the superior winner of the "males over 2 years", and at last he was the second best male. The best male and the BOO of this show, was the one year old son of Peterpan, Budoar Victor , so the goblet stayd in the family :-).
Victor's sister
Budoar Vincita , was placed third in the juniorclass females, which was a big and of high standard class. Also Ciitta got the honorary award. The winner of the juniorclass, Bonbons LR Ros-Era-Miss Europa, was the BOB.

The winner of the breederclass was kennel Budoar

In Club Show Pansi had 15 descendant from 5 different litters.
Peterpan's PROCESSINGCLASS was the predominantly best processingclass in the Club Show.

07.08.2004 KUOPIO
At the same time was in Kuopio three shows in three days. On Friday there was group shows, on Saturday The show for all breeds, and on Sundau the international show.

On Friday there was no Flinkbein dogs on the show, but on Saturday, 07.08.04 , there was 2.
The Best of Breed was the 10-months old
Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces , Who got his second cac. Flinkbein Srebro was the third best male.

08.08.2004 INT KUOPIO
08.08.2004 The international show in Kuopio, the BOO was Flinkbein Srebro , who got his third CACIB. The males cac went to the young Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces
Congratulations Tintti and the boys !!!!

08.08.2004 NOKIA
At the same time was the group show In Nokia. There was three Flinkbein fosters. The Best of the Breed was the youngclass male,
Flinkbein Wolec , who once again got cac.
BOO in this show was
Flinkbein Swietny . The seconf best female was the youngclass Flinkbein Uroda , who got her second cac.

Congratulations to all of you !!!

31.07.2004 INT PORI
What agreat day !!!
In the international show in Pori, the judge for polski owczarek nizinny was the Polish Elzbieta Scwalibog.
There was 5 Flinkbein fosters were in that show, and they all got "exelent".
The best of breed was
Flinkbein Swietny , who got CACIBin. The BOO in this show was a brother to Minski, Flinkbein Srebro , Kingi , He got his second CACIB.
Exelent was the succes also of Kingi's ward , as the 10 months old
Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces , Milou was the fourth best male, and got his first cac. The reserv-cac went to Flinkbein Wolec .
Also the brother of Milou, Flinkbein Zwierzchnik Mi´ly , Kasper had an exelent start to his show-carreer, he was the second in juniorclass with "exelent".

The climax of the magnificent day was, when Minski, Flinkbein Swietny, was placed in the group. She was as hight as GROUP 2.

24.07.2004 HELSINKI
The show for all breeds. The Best Of Breed was the young
Flinkbein Wolec
10.07.2004 LOIMAA
The dog show in Loimaa was very rainy and it was in a sandground. The Best Of Breed there was the young
Flinkbein Wolec .
BOO in this show was, Flinkbein Uroda , who hasn't been in shows very many times. Uroda got her first cac in this show.
Peep also some other information and photos of Usva .
04.07.2004 KARJAA
Karjaa, the dog show for all breeds, PON's had a french judge. The BOB in this show was

Flinkbein Wolec .
Boo in this show was the daughter of Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke , Marquee Goody Goody, who became also Finish Champion.
At "Midsummer day" wisited Flinkbein Wolec in an international show, in St.Petersburg, Russia, and was BOB
Wolec got his third CACIB and also the Russian cac.

The young Wolec got also a group placement from St. Petersburg, he was GROUP 1

At the same time, far away , in USA , Florida, has Wolec's sister
Flinkbein Wyntr White Star
finished her own show-carreer , and become American champion.
"Daphne's" side you can find now at Females .

European dog show was 4-6.6 in a very hectic Barselona, in Spain. The show was just great for our PON's .
Flinkbein Wolec was the best of Junior-males and got the title EJW-04.
Very well cleared up also Wolec's "sister", Flinkbein Swietny . She was BOO of this show, and got CACIB and also the title EW-04.

05.06.2004, saturday, was the day of lagottos. As a youngist participant at her class, got the 10 months old Budoar Vincita exelent, and was placed third at junior females. Very good indeed !!

30.05.2004 INT . LYON, FRANCE
At the way to Barselona, Spain, we also droped in to the show in France. In Lyon there was an international show in 30.05. To this show were booked the "sisters" Wolec and Minski.
The BOB of this show, was Flinkbein Swietny..
After the judge had judged all the breeds at his ring, he called yet all the BOB-dogs to the ring. He judged the breeds again, let them run in the "big ring" and at last he choosed Flinkbein Swietny as the BEST DOG OF THE DAY AT HIS RING .
Minski was booked to the champion class, so she didn't compete of the French cac.

BOO in this show in France, was Flinkbein Wolec who was competing at the second time in young class. So he got his first "foreign" CACIB and his first French cac.
The second CACIB into a week -- congratulations Wolec and Tiina

23.05.2004 INT-show Ventspils, LATVIA
At his very first show "abroad" in Latvia, was the litlle PON puppy, Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces . The results were just great, he was BOB-puppy. Besides this, Milou, in spite of his fatigue, charmed the judges in the big ring, and at last he was as high as BIS 3 PUPPY
Excellent results got also Milou's "best friend" Flinkbein Srebro who was BOO in this show, and got the CACIB and the title of Latvian Champion.
23.05.2004 The international show in Helsinki, "Aptus-show"
The sweet litlle lagotto-girl Budoar Vincita was today, at the very first time, in an official show, in juniorclass.Also she got the nice results, the second best female and the reserv-cac.
22.05.2004 The international show in Helsinki, "Aptus-show"
BOB - puppy in the Aptus-Show was the very nice show-dog Znowu Zloto
BOO at this show, was Flinkbein Wolec , who was at the very first time in the young class, and got besides his 8th cac also his first CACIB. .
BOB was Flinkbein Swietny, who was for the better, also in the big rings, and got the placement GROUP 3
Mynämäki, the BOB of polski owczarek nizinny, was Flinkbein Swietny .
and BOO was the junior-male , Flinkbein Wolec
In the show in Pori , the BOB of the breed, was still in juniorclass competing Flinkbein Wolec .
Congratulations Tiina & Wolec

In the international show in Lahti, the best of breed, BOB, was Flinkbein Swietny and the best of opposite sex, BOO, was Flinkbein Wolec.
At the first time in the puppy-class, were also the brothers Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces , who was the BOB-puppy, and Znowu Zloto , who was the second .

Vaasa , the dog show for all breeds : the 14 months old Flinkbein Wolec was BOB.
Now !!! 7-weeks-birthday-photos of Ilona's puppies
The Finnish PON-club announces, in the general meeting in march, the challenge cups for The Best PON's of the Year.
Now you can find all the results of our PON's, from the pages Star moments . There is also the photos of the dogs.
New photos of the puppies Puppies !!!
20.03.2004 In the international show in Tampere, there was Flinkbein PON's from youth to oldest ones. The BOB of the breed, with CACIB, was the "old hand" Flinkbein Puchar Pies. The second best male , PU2, with the cac, was the 13 months old Flinkbein Wolec. To same extent with the females, the BOO placement, with CACIB, went to Flinkbein Swietny and the second best female - placement, and of course the BOB-VETERAN placement, went to the 10 years old Flinkbein Dewiza. Some photos of the puppies of Ilona adn Fido Puppies !!!
23.02.2004 Puppies of Ilona, Heidelind's Truth is Out There and Fido, Flinkbein Pan Polysk have born 23.02.2004
More information Puppies !!!
14.02.2004 in the international show in Imatra Flinkbein Swietny, still continued her excellent show tempo, and she was also in this show, BOB. Now she got her last CACIB, and at the age of 2,5 years, she become INT CH.
BOO in Imatra was a one year old Flinkbein Wolec, who got his second cac. The CACIB of males went to Flinkbein Srodek.
The puppies of "Ilona" , Heidelind's Truth is Out There and "Fido" , Flinkbein Pan Polysk are expected to be born 24.02.2004 .
If you are interested of this connection , take contact and ask more.

Some more information in the PUPPIES !!! pages.

Champion of Champions
On saturday, 30.01.2004, was the Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans gala for the most victorious show-dogs of the year 2003. The gala was in the congresshotel Dipoli, in Espoo.

The only polski owczarek nizinny, who got the invitation to that respected gala, was Flinkbein Puchar Pies
Puchar was at the show-dog statistics of the year 2003 rank as high as 32 . To this list , may come along 100 dogs, who have placed best, in the shows during a year , in spite of the breed.

Photos are coming alittle bit later.

25.01.2004 in the international show in Turku (Åbo) Flinkbein Swietny, continued her excellent show tempo, and she was BOB. Unfortunately it was still missing one day for her int.ch title, so we must continue :-).
BOO in Turku was her brother Flinkbein Srodek .
We have been very busy doing some repairs in our house, so updatings are a litlle bit late....

The new show-year 2004 started in a very promising way , when 11-months old Flinkbein Wolec was 18.01.2004 in a show in Lahti. He was Best of Breed and got also his first cac.

Congratulations Tiina & Wolec