polski owczarek nizinny - lagotto romagnolo

Here are the most recent updatings, the important things for us, events and photos, of this current year, year 2005.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to the owners of my fosters, and of course, to all the PON and Lagotto fans, and GOOD LUCK AND SUCCES for the year 2006.

from the pass, quite magnificent year 2005 TO ALL THE OWNERS OF MY FOSTERS, and to all my friends in home country and abroad, who have been with me, sharing these moments of happiness, and have done this year so immemorial!!!

Here You can find kennel Flinkbein's Merry Christmas -wishes

The poet has made by Taina Kasso, the translation is my own :-)
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One week before Christmas, in the weekend 17-18.12.05, was in Helsinki Fair Centre, two big shows . Flinkbein PON's ( the fosters of Flinkbein kennel )had a splendid representation in these two shows, and the results were also just great - thank's for the active owners. It was just a lovely way to spend a looooooong weekend with you all !!! (The show started for ours part at 7-9am. and ended at 18-19pm in every day :-)

BOB, BEST OF BREED was, among 28 PON's Flinkbein Wolec , who got also CACIB and the title PMW-05
BM2, THE SECOND BEST MALE and also at the same time
BOB VET, BEST OF BREED VETERAN was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon
BM3, THE THIRD BEST MALE was Flinkbein Srodek
and BM4,THE FORTH BEST MALE Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces

Flinkbein Swietny was absent from the Winner Shows at the very first time now, because she had three weeks old puppies at home. However in the open class was competing Flinkbein 'Zrenica who was richly BF3, THIRD BEST FEMALE and got cac again.
In Champion class was competing also Flinkbein Udany , who was third in Champion class, and from all females she was the fifth.
In VETERAN CLASS MALES, Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon was THE BEST OF BREED VETERAN . In VETERAN CALSS FEMALES was competing also Flinkbein Dewiza , who has her 12 years birthday after Christmas. Dewiza was as young girls, and was second in the veteran class, with exelent.

We had also in the show our 19 months old Lagotto romognolo female, Budoar Stella Luminosa . Noosa is a very good mover and it is wonderful to present her is shows, and richly Noosa got the "exelent" also here.
Ciitta was not with us in this moment, but her sister, Budoar Veronica , was representing her family in a very splendid way, she was THE SECOND BEST FEMALE and got her second CACIB.

17.12.2005 WINNERSHOW
THE SECOND BEST MALE among 26 pon's was Flinkbein Wolec ,
THE THIRD BEST MALE ans at the same time also
BOB VET, THE BEST OF BREED VETERAN was also in this show Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon
THE FOURTH BEST MALE , was here Flinkbein Srodek
and the 4th BEST MALE IN CHAMPION CLASS oli Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces , who started to limp juts in the ring. The cause of the limping was assumed to be a needle, which was found in the ring...
in the JUNIORCLASS MALES was also Flinkbein Awans who was just changing his coat, and was in "summercoat", but he yet got VERY GOOD
In the very first time in official shows, was the 9,5 months old, cute and charming Flinkbein Bajka . "Siiri" enjoyed her appearance in the show, and she got also the judge smiling. Siiri was THE SECOND BEST FEMALE IN JUNIORCLASS . So, Flinkbein Swietny was, at the firs time absent from the Winnershows, as she is in maternity holliday. But Flinkbein 'Zrenica represented the adult females. She was competing in young class, was the winner of that class, and in addition to that, she was THE FIFTH BEST FEMALE and got again the cac.
In Champion Class was competing Flinkbein Udany . She was the seconf in Champion class, and also THE SECONF BEST FEMALE and got the res-CACIB. Because the first female is int.ch, comes the CACIB to Udany.
In Veteran Class males Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon was the third best male and also THE BEST OF BREED VETERAN . The 12 years old but yet ageless Flinkbein Dewiza . was moving richly and appearing in a splendid way in the ring,and she won the veteran females, and was also BOO VET, THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX

also in the Winner show we had with us the 10 months old Lagotto romognolo female Budoar Stella Luminosa . Noosa got also from the Winner show "exelent"
Ciitan sister, Budoar Veronica , was charming the judge and she was THE BEST LAGOTTO FEMALE and alsO BOO LAGOTTO, THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX. And Maisa got also the lagotto CACIB.

and here are the results for us:

  • Flinkbein Atut EH1

  • Flinkbein Awans H

  • Flinkbein Wolec PMW-05, BOB, CACIB, EXC1, BM1

  • Flinkbein Srodek BM3, res-CACIB, EXC2

  • Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces BM4, EXC3

  • Flinkbein Srebro EXC5

  • Flinkbein Kompletny-PonBOB VET, BM2, EXC1,

  • Flinkbein Zrenica BF3, CAC, EXC1,

  • Flinkbein Udany BF5, EXC3

  • Flinkbein Dewiza EXC2


  • Budoar Stella Luminosa EXC
  • WINNERSHOW 17.12.2005

  • Flinkbein Awans EH3

  • Vivat Flinkbein Rivendall H

  • Flinkbein Wolec EXC2, BM2, res-CACIB

  • Flinkbein Srodek EXC3, BM4

  • Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces EXC4

  • Flinkbein Srebro EH

  • Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon BOB VET, EXC1, BM3,

  • Flinkbein BajkaEH2

  • Flinkbein Zrenica EXC1,BF5, CAC

  • Flinkbein Udany EXC2, BF2,res-CACIB --> CACIB

  • Flinkbein Dewiza BOO-VET, BF3, EXC1


  • Budoar Stella Luminosa EXC

  • Wolec is also PMW-05

    Kompletny-Pon was BOB VET in the both shows

    12 years old DEWIZA was BOO VET on saturday.

    'Zrenica was BF3 and BF5 and got 2 cac's

    Udany was BF2 and got hewr second CACIB

    Srodek was BM3 and BM4.

    Zupelny Sukces was in the Nordic Winner show 4th BEST MALE

    Srebro was charming with his colours

    Bajka was in her first offical show ( this photo is from last summer as she was a puppy)

    Atut won the juniorclass in the Nordic Winner Show

    Awans is changing his coat now

    Stora Stochkolm, the SWEDISH WINNERSHOW, was this year one week before the FINNISH WINNER show. PON's were in the ring on Saturday 10.12.2005. In Sweden BOB, THE BEST OF BREED, among 18 pons, was the finnish gentleman Flinkbein Wolec , who got the Swedish cac and CACIB, and become SWEDISH CHAMPION and SWEDISH WINNER-05.
    Also the second male, Growler's Artysta Cyrkow, was alredy Int.Ch, so nobody got the male-CACIB
    BOS in this show was Owls Nest Amazing Cindy , and because she is already Int.ch, goes CACIB & cac to the second female, Ynnizin's Seventh Onyx. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you !!!

    Many thanks for the Swedish PON-lovers from the magnificent applause, spurring and congratulations. It was really lovely to be in this show !!

    Wolec is now also S CH and SW-05

    Litlle cute Maisa-Maisukka, Flinkbein Calkiem Dobra , started her show-career in a very promising way, 4.12.2005 in Helsinki Kaapelitehdas, in a puppy show for all breeds.

    Maisa was BOB, BEST OF BREED PUPPY. Hedvig, a pon female from Sweden, gave a Good resistor for Maisalle.

    Maisa started her show career 4.12 in Helsinki. Here indeed she is only 3 months old
    Minski - Flinkbein Swietny - had her delivery on Wednesday, 23.11. She got two handsome males, and they were not small puppies at all, as the first one was 440g and the second 475g. The first male is like his mother, white-black, and the second is like his father, white-fawn. Both are with short tails.
    The proud father is Alasz z Gangu Dlugich, from Poland

    19.11.05, after a pause of one month, there was an international show again, in Jyväskylä.
    Splendid was the success with Flinkbein dogs, also in this show, as BOB, BEST OF BREED was again Flinkbein Wolec.
    BM2, THE SECOND BEST MALE was Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces and BM3, THE THIRD BEST MALE was Flinkbein Srebro.

    Also in the puppy classes the succes was mighty, as BOB PUPPY, THE BEST OF BREED PUPPY was Ceder Moscic and BOS PUPPY, THE BEST OF OPPOSITE PUPPY was his sister Cynia Moscic owned by Tintti Drake.

    Also this splendid exhibition-day ended with a very splendid way, as Wolec was placed in the group-competition, and in the finals he was GROUP 2

    Wolec was in Jyväskylä
    GROUP 2

    Minski - Flinkbein Swietny - has been mated, and she is pregnant.
    The proud father is Alasz z Gangu Dlugich, from Poland .



    Sunday, 23.10, in Hyvinkää was arranged the annual Special Show for the subject to SSKY breeds. It was also the Special Show for PON's. The judge was the Polish Mrs. Buklad.
    For the great Flinkbein team I want to say THANK YOU !!! - for the mighty participation and for the splendid results. In spite of the "litlle" hurry and fuss, the day wouldn't be more comfortable!!!

    And here are the results for us :

  • Vivat Flinkbein Rivendall EXC 1, BM 3, CAC
  • Flinkbein Atut EXC 2

  • Flinkbein Wolec EXC 1, BM 2
  • Flinkbein Srodek EXC 2
  • Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces EXC 3
  • Flinkbein Srebro EXC 4

  • Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon EXC 1, BM1, BOS, BOS-VET

  • Sukan Paahto-Papu EXC 2

  • Flinkbein Zrenica EXC 1, BF3, CAC

  • Flinkbein Swietny EXC 1, BF1, BOB, BEST IN SHOW 1

  • Flinkbein Dewiza EXC 3


  • Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon 1 KP, BEST IN SHOW 4 PROGENY GROUP


    The SSKY PUPPY SHOW 22.10
    On Saturday 22.10 in Hyvinkää was arranged the traditional puppy show. PON puppies in this show was booked quite a lot, in all 7 puppies.
    There was also the siblings "Lani" and "Sepi".
    Richly have started their show carreer, as Lani - Cynia Moscic - was BOB PUPPY and her brother Cedr Moscic was BOS PUPPY in Hyvinkää.

    In addition to this, Lani was also GROUP 4 PUPPY and in the couple competition these two were as high as BIS 4 COUPLE.


    SEINÄJOKI 22.10
    22.10 there was also a show in Seinäjoki. There was also Flinkbein Wolec , and he was, once again, BOB

  • Swietny was BOB and BIS 1

    Zrenica was third best female,
    BF3, and got cac

    Kompletny-Pon was BOS and BOS-VET. His progeny class was BIS 4

    Wolec was BM 2 in SSKY and BOB in Seinäjoki

    Vivat was in his first show, and he was the third best male, BM 3, and got cac.

    Lani was BOB and GROUP 4 PUPPY, in Saturday

    Ceder was BOS PUPPY

    INT OULU 01.10.05

    The international show in Oulu, 01.10.05, was the very first show where, just in September two years old, Flinkbein Zupelnu Sukces, participate in the open class. Actually this appearance in open class became the only one for Milou, as he was BOB, BEST OF BREED , and got the CACIB and also the last cac, what was demanded for the title of Finnish champion, so Milou is now FIN & EST & LTU CH, and the next shows will be in champion class :-)
    The second best male, BM2, was in "too vigorous way" appearing Flinkbein Srebro

    Milou become in INT.OULU
    FIN & EST & LTU CH


    25.09.05 was an international show in Maarianhamina, Åland, where the Finnish pon-boy was defending the honour of his country against the Swedish pon-girls.
    In this show, BOB , THE BEST OF BREED was the Finnish boy, Flinkbein Wolec
    THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO was the daughter of Flinkbein Nokaut SUch Moonlake's Carin's Occra, ow. Monika & Bengt Sjödin, Sweden .

    The splendid exhibition-day ended with a very splendid way, as Wolec was also placed in the group-competition, as in the finals he was GROUP 3

    Wolec was in Åland, in the INT show of Maarianhamina
    GROUP 3


    27.08.05 was in Lempäälä a competition for THE PON AGITILY CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE RIVAL DOGS
    In this championship competition, dogs make two different tracks, the normal obstacle-track and the spring-track. The result is the collective result of these two tracks.
    The AGILITYMASTER OF THE YEAR 2005 is, once again, the 12 years old lady, competing in the Midi-3 ( the highest class) Flinkbein Elita, who's owner and trainer is Tommi Raita-aho

    17.09.05 was in North-Espoo the PON OBEDIENCE CHAMPIONSHIP .
    The competition is unofficial obedience competition, where are the classes up to the highest class - the special winner class.. At the same time there was also the obedience competition for the beginners, THE NOVICE CLASS .
    The victor of the novice class was Flinkbein Udany .

    At one and the same time with the obedience contest, there was also the PON AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE BEGINNERS .
    The beginners make one normal obstacle-track.The time is not decisive, but the faultlessness of the track.
    THE VICTOR, THE AGILITYMASTER OF THE BEGINNERS, with totally faultless track, was Flinkbein Udany .
    At the same time Una got also the judges SPECIAL AWARD FOR THE MOST EAGER DOG IN THE TRACK. Una got a big smoked bone, and in addition to two magnificent cloth.

    You can find some photos of these competitions from UNA'S PAGES

    INT KOTKA 10.09
    10.09.05 in the international show in Kotka, THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, was our cute litlle Flinkbein Udany . Una charmed the Irish judge, and so she outdistance 4 internetional champions. As "Homepresent" Una had her first CACIB , piglet ear "ball-elephant" :-)

    Flinkbein C- puppies have already moved to their own homes.
    You meet them now in the pages YOUNG STARS. Also some new photos of the puppies have updated in those pages.

    HAKUNILA 03.09
    03.09.05 in Hakunila, in the show for all breeds, in this time swing round in the ring Flinkbein Swietny , who was BEST Of BREED, BOB.
    "Minski" distinguished also in the big ring, as she renew the group placement, she has come familiar in this summer, she was in the finals : GROUP 2

    "Minski" was in Hakunila
    GROUP 2


    28.08.2005 HEINOLA
    In the show for all breeds in Heinola, on Sunday 28.8.05, the judge Cristian Stavarache, Romania, liked our black "Kingi" sooo much, that he already knew the final order although our BOO-female was not properly in the ring :-).
    In Heinola the BEST OF BREED , BOB, was Flinkbein Srebro and BOO, THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, was Flinkbein 'Zrenica .
    The daughter of Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke, Sukan Pikku-Pirpana, was THE BEST OF BREED PUPPY, BOB PUPPY.

    27.08.05 KOUVOLA
    On Saturday 27.08.05 in Kouvola, in the show for all breeds, BOO, THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX was "Kingi" , the dark grey, magnificent Flinkbein Srebro , who was in champion class. The second best male was the one year old Flinkbein Atut , who got his first cac from this show.
    But of course we had also "feminine beauty" with us, as lagotto female Budoar Vincita was also booked at the show. Ciitta was also succesful ans was BEST OF BREED, BOB, and got the last cac which was required for the title FIN CHAMPION.

    21.08.05 HÄMEENLINNA
    In the international show in Hämeenlinna 21.08.05 THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, was Flinkbein Swietny and the BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOOB, was Flinkbein Wolec . The SECOND BEST MALE was their father, Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon, who was also the BEST VETERAN OF THE BREED, BOB VET. The SECOND BEST FEMALE was Flinkbein Dewiza , who was also the BEST VETERAN OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO VET.
    Flinkbein breedergroup was the BOB BREEDERGROUP.

    "Kingi" was BOB in Heinola
    and BOO in Kouvola

    "Masi" was the second best male
    in Kouvola, and got cac

    Ciitta become FIN CH in Kouvola

    11,5v "Ropsu" is in order, in Hämeenlinna she was BOO VET

    Here you can find the magnificent results of the PON club show
    PON CLUB SHOW 2005
    Flinkbein Srodek was BIS in PON-club show

    a litlle bit later Ceder will get his own pages - as well as Papu and Noosa.

    13.08.2008 AURA
    In Saturday 13.08 was in Aura, the show for all breeds.
    THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, in this show, was Flinkbein Wolec - again.

    13.08.2005 VALKEAKOSKI
    At the same time in Valkeakosi, in the show for all breeds, were lagotto romagnolos in the ring. The judge was Italian Claudio de Giuliani, and he got 39 lagottos in his ring.
    Budoar Vincita was in open class. She got exellent, and was third in the competition class, ERI3.
    Thanks for all the rivals, and particularly to Kati, from the very nice day in the show!!

    14.08.2005 VALKEAKOSKI
    In Sunday 14.08 in Valkeakoski, there were the pons in the ring. The judge was from Great-Britain, Mrs.Ann Arch.
    THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, was, also in Valkeakoski,Flinkbein Wolec . The second best male, and also THE BEST VETERAN, BOB VET, was the father, Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon , and the BOO, THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, was Flinkbein Udany who was at the first time in champion class.

    The great show weekend tapered to the group competitions. Flinkbein Wolec was in the big rings GROUP 4


    Wolec was
    GROUP 4
    in Valkeakoski

    06.08.2005 in Lithuania, Trakai, in a wild rain, shivered crowd of pons in a show. Well, they got some good results also, although the rivals, ring-secretarys or the viewers were not all the time unexplained what happened in the ring.
    BALTIC WINNER-05, and BOO was Flinkbein Wolec .
    Also Flinkbein Swietny got the title BALTIC WINNER-05, both got the CACIB.
    The second best male, and the one who got the res-CACIB of males, was Flinkbein Supelny Sukcess , He will get the CACIB, because Wolec already is internmational champion.
    The female res-CACIB got Flinkbein 'Zrenica , so she got her first CACIB, because Swietny already is international champion. All the dogs got also Lithuanina cac.

    07.08.2005 was in Joensuu the show for all breeds. There was also the one year old male, Flinkbein Awans, in juniorclass. He was just great in this show, he was the third best male and got the first cac.

    At the same time we were practising show-behaviour with the lagotto youth, at the summerdays and the club show of Lagottoclub.
    Litlle miss, Budoar Stella Luminosa was at the very first time in a "show" and almost the first time in a line, but the debut was just great. She was second in the younger puppyclass, with the honorary award, and finally fourth of the all female puppies.
    Ciitta was at the very first time in open class, which was the bigges class in the club show. Ciitta, Budoar Vincita , get along richly also, she was 5th in this class, got exelent and the honorary award.
    Unfortunately Ciitta experience AGAIN the unpleasant event, when the beyond coming run over her.

    In the INTERNATIONAL SHOW IN PORI ,31.07.2005, the BEST OF BREED, BOB, was Flinkbein Wolec and BOO, the BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, was his sister, Flinkbein Swietny
    The second best male, and of course, THE BEST VETERAN of the breed, BOB VET, was their father, Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon and the second best female, the young Flinkbein 'Zrenica

    In the big veteran-ring Kompletny-Pon was enjoying his psesentation so much, that he was like a young boy. So he was among the 8 best veterans, and finally was BIS 4 VETERAN .
    Congratulations, Maija & Pompula

    Pompula was in the INT Pori

    AT LAST !!!
    MUCH NEW PHOTOS of the puppies of Wiklina and Szymon.
    Klick the small photos to enlarge them

    23.07.2005 KUOPIO, the show for all breeds - the BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO was Flinkbein Wolec

    At the same time, we were with Papu ( Sukan Paahto-Papu) and Reni (Flinkbein 'Zrenica) in Ruovesi, at PON-camp.
    In the program of the camp was among others the BEST-PON-IN-THE-CAMP competition. It consist of several contests, like "PICK UP THE SAUSAGE" and "SURVIVAL-TRACK". Both of my girls were good in the contest, Reni even PICK UP THE SAUSAGE without eating it :-)
    The result was, that Papu was the second and Reni in the divided fourth place.
    WE HAD FUN - at least Papu had, she even tried to swim in the mudhole :-)

    In Sunday 24.07 we were in the HELSINKI show, where THE BEST OF THE BREED, BOB, was Flinkbein Srodek and the BEST OF THE BREED VETERAN, BOB VET, was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon
    Pompula was even in semifinal, among the 8 best veterans in the big ring.

    We visited at the kennel SUANKROOPPI, where was the puppies of FURMAN KONKURY & FLINKBEIN URODA. One promising male puppy is yet free.

    We took lot of photos of the puppies, you find the photos here.

    16.07.2005 in YPÄJÄ, in the show for all breeds, was Flinkbein Udany in her second show in this summer. She had great succes in this show, she was BOO, and got her last cac, and become FINNISH CHAMPION .
    PON is like a good wine, " the older the better" ! Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon proved this !He was both BOB and BOB VETERAN in Ypäjä.
    In addition to this, he was among the 8 most beautiful veterans in saturday. But this was not yet sufficiently, Pompula, when he was in the FCI group 1, was at first among the 6 best dogs, and finally was placed at GROUP 3.

    At the same time in Minsk, Belarus, was a show. The BOB in this show, was the daughter of Kompletny-Pon, Flinkbein Swietny ans BOO was his son, Flinkbein Wolec . They both got the Belarus cac, and become BELARUS CHAMPIONS.
    In the big ring Swietny got also the group placement - the fifth time one after another - Minski was in the very hectic Minsk, Belarus, GROUP 4

    On the next day, Sunday 17.07, in Minsk was an international show, where Flinkbein Swietny was BOB again, and Flinkbein Wolec BOO. They both got CACIB.

    CONGRATULATIONS to all !!!

    Kompletny-Pon was, in Ypäjä, GROUP 3

    "Minski" was in Minsk, Belarus, GROUP 4

    Flinkbein Swietny was in the show in Nokia, 10.7.05, with her new "handler" - Minna had to go to work, and Tiina went to the show with Swietny . Very good was this show also, Swietny was BOB, and in the big ring also GROUP 2 , the fourth time one after another.

    At the same time in Karjaa, 10.7.05, was the show for all breeds, where the BOB was Switny's brother, Flinkbein Srodek , and quite empty-handed was not Srodek either, as he was in the big ring GROUP 4
    BOB VET was the father of these siblings, Flinkbein Kompletny-pon and BOO was the young Flinkbein 'Zrenica

    Srodek started his shows,
    in 2005, greatly with
    GROUP 4 placement


    Friday 01.07, PITEÅ, SWEDEN
    Flinkbein Srebro , BOO + cac --> SWEDISH CHAMPION

    Saturday 02.07, TUUSULA, FINLAND
    Flinkbein Swietny , BOB and GROUP 2

    Saturday 02.07, PÄRNU, ESTONIA
    Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces , BOB + cac + CACIB

    Sunday 03.07, HYVINKÄÄ, FINLAND
    Flinkbein Swietny , BOB and GROUP 2
    Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon BOO and also BOB VETERAN, and BIS 4 VETERAN
    Flinkbein breeding group BIS 4 BREEDING GROUP

    Sunday 03.07, PITEÅ SWEDEN

    Tintti and Mervi travelled to Piteå, Sweden, where they had a special group show in Friday. Flinkbein Srebro was booked in open class. He was BOO and got the Swedish cac. So he become also SWEDISH CHAMPION .

    And that was not so bad show for other PON's either, because the PON puppy, Brightwhite's Hobgoblin, was BEST IN SHOW-puppy. Cedarina Aspic Soup , Mervi's younger dog, was second best female and got cac. The older dog, Xarna van het Goralenhof, besides that she was BOB, was also BIS 3 ja BIS 2 VETERAN

    In Saturday it was a show for all breeds in Tuusula, Finland. There was two Flinkbein dogs. Atut was in juniorclass and got once again a splendid criticism, but his behaviour dropped the testimonial. Instead Swietny appeared with the safety, that only the experience can give, and she was BOB, BEST OF BREED. In addition to this, she got also the placement in the big ring, she was second in the shepherd group GROUP 2.

    At the same time, in Saturday 2.7, we went to Pärnu, Estonia .
    Our journey started with a wery bad luck, as we had problems with our car, and had to leave it to Finland. Fortunately we got the drive to Pärny with a Tiger's Chaos Whippets breeder, Sari Ikäheimo.
    But the bad luck continued. When we got to Pärnu, we had only 18 minutes to get to the ring. And of course, when Milou come out of the car, he steps directly to the ditch, and his paws get covered with black ooze. So, directly to the toilet to wash up his paws - without any soap. But of course it didn't help a great deal. Fortunately these grey paws didn't have effect to the judgement, as FLINKBEIN ZUPELNY SUKCES was BOB, and got the both the Estonian cac and CACIB.
    During that day we got also a pouring rain, thunderstorm and hailstorm…….. and our vice cloths were in the car
    I want also thank to Helena Mattila, the pumi-breeder, of the irreplaceable help during our journey.

    But this was only a half of all the troubles of this Satyrday. From Sweden, we got a message, that Tintti had brakes broken in her car. And it was weekend and nobady working in the repair workshop.
    On the next day, in Sunday, there was an international show in Piteå, and the dogs were booked in that show also.Tintti and Mervi stayed in the camping place, at a 30 km distance from the showplace, and they couldn't use theri car. Also they got some help form the Whippet-owners, who were going to another show. They started so early, that they could drop Tintti and Mervi to Piteå.

    In Sunday 3.7 it was quite opposite weather, hectic, hot, feeble
    Fortunately the success compensate all the troubles, as FLINKBEIN SREBRO was BOB - BEST OF BREED, and got the last CACIB and become also the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. Xarna van het Goralenhof was BOO and Cedarina Aspic Soup second best female, and got the cac.

    In Finland, in the show in Hyvinkää, Flinkbein Swietny was BOB - BEST OF BREED, and her father, Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon, was BOO - the BEST OF OPPISITE. Pompula was also the BOB VETERAN. Flinkbein Wolec was THE SECOND BEST MALE, and Flinkbein Udany the victor in open class.

    Finally, in the end of this hectic day, happened something quite mighty !!! FLINKBEIN SWIETNY was GROUP 2 the third time one after another. Besides this FLINKBEIN KOMPLETNY-PON was in the veteran group BEST IN SHOW 4 VETERAN and the FLINKBEIN BREEDERGROUP was BEST IN SHOW 4 BREEDERGROUP .

    In the very end, the weekend balance was fairly positive.

    Kingi become, in Sweden, both SWEDISH and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION

    Milou was BOB in Estonia, and got his first foreign CACIB

    Minski was succesful in the shows this weekend ...

    Pompula was
    in Hyvinkää

    BEST IN SHOW 4 breedergroup
    in Hyvinkää

    Flinkbein Wolec has got in Midsummer day, in St. Petersburg, his last CACIB ( after the requirement of the one year and one day, has filled up in the end of may ), which was demanded for the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.

    WIKLINA'S puppies have born
    The Flinkbein C-litter has born 21.06.2005

    We got 1 male, 5 females, and all the puppies and the mother are wealthy.
    The puppies are white with dark marks and all of them have long tails

    The handsome father is SASQUEHANNA SZYMON and the beautiful mother is INT & PL &, FIN & EST &, LT CH Wiklina z Wielgowa.

    more details in the puppypage

    On Saturday 18.06 was a dog show in Saarijärvi in a very warm weather. THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, was Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces , "Milou"
    Flinkbein Srebro , "Kingi" , was the best dog in champion class.

    In the groups Milou was taken among the five best dogs, but in this time he didn't get placement.
    Congratulations Tintti, Sami, Milou & Kingi !!!

    Now even 3 shows :-), and for culmination BEST IN SHOW 2 placement
    On Sunday 12.06 Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces , "Milou" was the BEST OF BREED, BOB, in the group-show in Porvoo.
    THE SECOND BEST MALE, BM2, was Flinkbein Srebro , "Kingi" , with his handler Sami. Sami was at the very first time in the showring at himself, and got the mention from the judge "the dog was presented for the better"

    The expire of the rings was delayed a lot - the group competition started almost 2 hours later . But in the big ring all the annoyances were forgotten, as Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces
    was in the BIG RING GROUP 1 and BEST IN SHOW 2
    CONGRATULATIONS Tintti & Milou

    At the same time, 12.06., was the show for all breeds, in NÄRPIÖ . THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, in this show, was FlinkbeinRycina Ladna , "Rosi" , who hasn't been in shows for a long time.
    THE BEST OF OPPISITE SEX, BOO, was Flinkbein Wolec
    CONGRATULATIONS Niina & Rosi and Tiina & Wole

    On Saturday 11.6 was a show in Pieksämäki. There participate at a very fist time in any shows, the almost 10-months old Flinkbein Awans, "Aatos" . And it was not bad success with Aatos either, he got the class-win.

    in Porvoo, Milou was

    GROUP 1 and BEST IN SHOW 2

    05.06.05 GORZOW, POLAND

    Sunday 05.06 Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces , "Milou" participated in a dog-show in GorrzowPoland, where was 11 PON's in all, and the biggest part of them, were males. In this high-class company Milou was BEST OF BREED, BOB, leaving behind Polish top dogs.

    At the same time, Wiklina z Wielgowa come home from her showturnee from Poland, and for a great plesure, she really is pregnat.

    05.06 Gorzow, Poland
    BOO and BOB running

    04.06.2005 RAUMA
    OnSaturday 04.06 , when we were visiting in kennel Wielgowa, we got great news : In the show in Rauma the BEST OF BREED, BOB , was again Flinkbein Wolec
    In the groups Wolec was among the 6 best dogs.

    For our great sorrow and disappointment Flinkbein Swietny didn't get any puppies, but was empty .
    Instead we got other great news, messages of three litters, where the mother is Flinkbein foster

    Flinbein Uroda ,Finland, has got puppies 30.05.05

    The father is Furman Konkury, from Poland

    Puppies were born 3 males and 2 females

    Flinbein Wyntr White star , USA, got also puppies

    The father is ZhigginsGoral White Star z Banciarni

    Flinkbein Tobie Radosci , USA, has also puppies

    The father is ChortNerita

    Daphne's puppies


    There was 3 Flinkbein fosters - males - booked, to the international show in Hamina.
    For THE BEST OF BREED, BOB , the Portugease judge choose Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces who was competing in the young class. He got both CACIB and cac.
    THE SECOND BEST MALE, BM2, become Flinkbein Atut , who was barely able to compete in this show for his age - in the preceding day of the show, he had become just 9 months. He got the reserv-cac. Magnificent performance !!!
    The FOURTH BEST MALE, BM 4, become Flinkbein Srebro .

    Also in the international show in Helsinki, Aptus show, we were just with "gang of boys", as there were booked from Flinkbein PON's, only 4 males and no females.
    BEST OF BREED, BOB, was now Flinkbein Wolec , who got also CACIB.
    THE SECOND BEST MALE, was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon , who was competing in the veteran class. He was also THE BEST OF BREED VETERAN.
    THE THIRD BEST MALE was today Flinkbein Srebro and THE FOURTH BEST MALE today was Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces , who got also cac.
    Flinkbein breeding group got the honorary award and was BOB BREEDING GROUP.

    In the "big ring" - the group competitions - Wolec was among 7 best dogs.
    CONGRATULATIONS FOR ALL !!! and thank's for the great days and wonderful company in the shows .


    14.05.2005 in Tallinn, in the Estonian Winner -show, THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, was Flinkbein Wolec who got both CACIB and the Estonian cac, and become at the same time both Estonian and all the Baltic Countries champion.
    Congratulations Tiina & Wolec


    Wiklina z Wielgowa has, during her Poland visit, visiting hard-working in shows. In the weekend 7-8.05 she was with her handler Ula, in two successful shows. She got two WINNER-TITLES

    07.05.2005 Czech Club Winner 2005 under breed soecialist Terie Cousins

    08.05.2005 Slovakian Winner 2005

    HARJAVALTA rn 7.5.-05
    Flinkbein Wolec was the only PON in Harjavalta to represent the breed, but however magnificent he did it, he was BEST OF BREED, BOB.
    The fours other dogs, booked in this show, were absent ( the change of the judge ).

    Wiklina z Wielgowa is now also POLISH CHAMPION . Wiklina got her last, or third, cac, demanded for the title of Polish champion, in Bydgoszcz 03.05.2005.

    We are waiting two interesting litters to be born during the spring 2005 .

  • Flinkbein Swietny has mated with Furman Konkyry, and
  • Wiklina z Wielgowa with Sasquehanna Szymon

    Of these litters you can find some information in the pages PUPPIES.
    Osna's puppies you can find now from the pages YOUNG STARS

    21.04.2005, in the annual meeting of SSKY ( The pet dog association of Finland, the head organization for Finish PON-club ), was awarded the annual challenge cups for the best dogs of the year. From these challenge cups compete all the dogs of all those 23 breeds , who's head organization The pet dog association of Finland, is .
    Again - the second year one after another
    Flinkbein Swietny
    , who got the mighty goblet for another year.

    The annual challenge cup is awarded also for
    This challenge cup come , also the second year one after another , to kennel FLINKBEIN

    On Saturday 23.04, in the international show in Lahti were the both breeds, PON's and LAGOTTO's in the ring.
    We had three Flinkbein PON's booked to the show, and our lagotto-lady Budoar Vincita
    In the PON-ring the BEST OF BREED , BOB , was "Minski", Flinkbein Swietny
    and THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO, was Flinkbein Wolec who was at the sedcond time in champion class.

    THE SECOND BEST FEMALE, BF 2, was Flinkbein 'Zrenica , who was still in juniorclass. "Reni " got her second cac.

    "In our luck" the judging in lagotto-ring was late and it started at the same time, as the judging in the PON-ring......
    So the handler for Ciitta was her breeder - and a good handler she was indeed. Budoar Vincita was THE BEST OF THE BREED, BOB, and got her 5th cac. The BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO, was Ciita's brother, Budoar Victor

    Finally in the big ring "Minski" was richly GROUP 2

    We, Maija Bragge and I, spended a very rewarding and comfortable week in Poland .
    First we visited Szczecin, in kennel Wielgowa.
    We had with us my female, Wiklina z Wielgowa, who stayd at Poland, and had time to go to her first show, before we were at home :-)
    Very good was that show indeed, because Wiklina was BOO, (best of opposite sex), and got her second cac from Poland.
    Wiklina will be mated with SASQUEHANNA SZYMON in April

    From Szczecin we went to kennel Rivendall, where the main purpose of our journey, the young PON-male, Vivat Flinkbein Rivendall already waited for us. Vivat turned out a very glad and intelligent picaresque, who was waving his small stubby tail much.

    Vivat has got his own pages to MY DOGS. We visited also Jestem Fervidus, the dark chocolate colour PON-male, who lives near Opole. We had admired Jestem's colour at the pages of Polish PON-club, and wanted to see him personally. Jestem was a friendly young gentleman, who stole our hearts totally.
    In Krakow we got travelling companion, a youg Great Japanese Dog -female, who was coming to Finland, to her own family. MIGHTY CUTE KISSMACHINE
    From Krakow we continued to Krosno, where we had to say goodbye to Furman Konkury, when he stayd at his home. Resignation of the company of this old gentleman, was the totally difficult etape of our journey. I wish he could come with us to Finland.
    From Krosano we drowe with Via Baltica back to home.

    you can find some photos from

    I fly to Poland in Good Friday, to take
    INT & AM & PL CH, JWW-96 / PLW-99 / KlubiV-97 / W.Westminster'02 FURMAN Konkury
    to Finland, because
    INT &, FIN & EST &, RUS & LV CH EUW-04 , BALTW-03,-04, W-03,-04, EUJW-02, JW-02 Flinkbein Swietny started her season, and has now mated with Furman .
    The litter is expected to be born in the end of May / beginning of June
    At the same visit, Furman mated also another female in Finland, Flinkbein Uroda Also this litter is expected to be born in the beginning of June.

    09.04 We start our journey to Poland. Furman goes back to home. At the same time, Wiklina z Wielgowa comes with us to Poland. Wiklina goes to some shows and she will also be mated in Poland.
    When we come back home, we have a new litlle PON-male with us !!!
    Welcome Vivat Flinkbein Rivendall

    Welcome to Finland
    Vivat Flinkbein Rivendall

    A little earlier our crowd have sweeten
    Sukan Paahtopapu

    and Budor Stella Luminosa

    In the dog show in Eura, 10.4,
    Flinkbein Wolec was at the firs time in champion class. Surely this was as good show as the previous ones, Wolec was again BOB, BEST OF BREED
    Congratulations Tiina & Wole

    Eastersunday 27.03, was the day for the big show in Lappeenranta.
    Flinkbein Wolec was the best of the three PON-males in the show-ring, and at the same time he was also BEST OF BREED, BOB.
    Wolec took now his 21th cac, which was the first from open class, and at the same time the last required for the champion title. So he is now FINNISH, LITHUANIAN, LATVIAN and RUSSIAN CHAMPION.

    Saturday 19.03, was the day for PON's in the international show in Tampere.
    There we were just with "gang of boys", as there were booked from Flinkbein PON's, only 4 males and no females.
    Our males were just great, as
    THE BEST OF BREED, BOB, was "Milou" Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces who was competing in the young class.
    THE SECOND BEST MALE, BM2, was Flinkbein Wolec
    THE THIRD BEST MALE, BM3, was Flinkbein Srebro and
    THE FOURTH BEST MALE was Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon who was at the first time in VETERAN CLASS. He was also THE BEST VETERAN, BOB VET.

    In the "big ring" in groups, "Milou", who was just "flying" in the ring, was among 9 best dogs.

    Sunday 20.03, the day for lagottos. After a very tight judgement only a few dogs got the excellent.
    Ciitta, Budoar Vincita was one of the excellent dogs, and was the SECOND BEST FEMALE, and got the cac and the res-CACIB.
    The BEST OF BREED, BOB, was Budoar Vioctor , the brother of Ciitta.

    THE BEST PON'S OF THE YEAR 2004 - results made public
    The Finnish PON-club announces, in the general meeting, the results of the competition Best PON's of the Year. For the competition of the best PON's are included the 5 best results Chalenge cups are given to the best SHOW PON MALE , the best SHOW PON FEMALE , the best VETERAN MALE, the best VETERAN FEMALE, the best OBEDIENCE PON, the best AGILITY PON and the MEGA-PON .
    Demands for being placed in the MEGA-PON -competition is, that the dog has been competiting at least 3 of the next : shows, obedience, agility or working- dogs competitions . And she/he must also have results of the competitions, mere participation is not sufficient.
    In the year 2001 was the first year, that the Mega-PON premium get awarded .

    Before this year, only 2 PON's have reached similar achievements - results of three different contest during a year - Flinkbein Elita and her daughter Tuus AllyMcBeal. After a pause of one year we announced the MEGA-PON price, when the 10 years old "Ropsu" Flinkbein Dewiza, with her owner Paula Kaukoranta distinguished in every grade : SHOWS, AGILITY and OBEDIENCE

    the BEST SHOW-PON MALE of the year 2004 reach Flinkbein Wolec , the "bigbrother" of Osna's puppies.
    The BEST SHOW-PON FEMALE of the year 2004 was Flinkbein Swietny
    The second best male of the year 2004 was Flinkbein Puchar-Pies,with his three shows, and third was Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces who was competing from the points since the end of june, when he reached the age to move over to juniorclass

    The BEST AGILITY-PON of the year 2004 was Flinkbein Elita and owner Tommi Raita-aho

    You can find all the results of the best FLINKBEIN PON's of the year 2004 here.

    Flinkbein Wolec was in two shows in Lithuania, during this weekend

    05.03 THE WINNER SHOW IN LITHUNIAN , judge Barbara Müller, Switzerland
    Wolec was BOB (the best of breed) today, and got the cac, CACIB and the title LITHUANIAN WINNER, LTW-05
    Wolec outdistance today two Polish PON-males, another was already international champion !!!

    06.03 The international show, Lithuania, judge Leni Nousiainen, Finland
    Wolec was the second best male, BOB was today Prezes Lasy Wielgowskie, the male from Poland. Because the first dog already was international champion, goes the CACIB to Wolec.
    CONGRATULATIONS Wole & Tiina !!!

    06.03 The Helsingfors puppy show
    Flinkbein Atut the 6,5 months old puppy male, was the vinner of the younger maleclass and got the honorary award. .
    CONGRATULATIONS Masi & Päivi & Petri!!!

    INT &, FIN & EST &, RUS & LV CH EUW-04 , BALTW-03,-04, FINW-03,-04, EUJW-02, FIN JW-02 Flinkbein Swietny .
    is going to be served in April-May

    After a prolonged consideration, our male choice is the Polish soon 10 years old, in good condition existing, multi champion male,
    INT & AM & PL CH, JWW-96 / PLW-99 / KlubW-97 / W.Westminster'02 FURMAN Konkury,
    who has plenty of good progeny in Poland.
    Among others the JUNIOR PON OF THE YEAR 2004 in Poland , Alasz z Gangu Dlugich, is Furman's son.

    More info of the combination in the pages PUPPIES

    Now much photos of the 2 weeks old puppies of Srodek & Osna .
    You find them here PUPPIES

    Osna's puppies has bornt
    14.02.2005 was born 1 male and 2 females, the happy parents are father: Flinkbeon Srodek and mother : Radosna Goralka z Banciarni.
    More info and photos you can find at the pages PUPPIES

    22.02.2005 At last, in enlish the pages

    The Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans gala for the most victorious show-dogs of the year 2004, was on Saturday 12.02.2005. The gala was in the congresshotel Dipoli, in Espoo

    Also this year there was polski owczarek nizinny in this great Gala. The only polski owczarek nizinny, who got the invitation to that respected gala, was

    INT &, FIN & EST &, RUS & LV & S CH EUJW-02, BALTW-03, BALTW-04, EUW-04 , JW-02 , V-03, V-04, SV-04 FLINKBEIN SWIETNY

    Swietny was at the show-dog statistics of the year 2004 ranked as high as 38th

    Much more information of the big Gala in the pages

    29.01.2005 was the traditional Winter Show, the international show in Turku.The best of breed, BOB, in this show, was Flinkbein Swietny, who got also the CACIB. But because Swietny already is the international champion goes the CACIB to the next female.
    The best of opposite sex, BOO, was
    Flinkbein Wolec, who got his 20th cac and the CACIB.
    The third best male, BM3, was the young
    Flinkbein Zupelnu Suckes, who was competing in the young class at the very first time, and to same extent the third best female, BF3, was the 11 months old Flinkbein 'Zrenica , who got her first cac.
    The Flinkbein breeding-group was also the BOB breeding group.
    CONGRATULATIONS , Minski, Wole, Milou, Lempi and the owners !!!!

    The puppy-show in Lahti
    The little, glad pon-puppy MASI, Flinkbein Atut, began the Flinkbein show-year 2005. Masi made his debut in the puppy-show in Lahti, 23.01.2005. Also for the owners of Masi, Petri and Päivi, the show was quite first on their lives.
    Although there were a little practice to make with the appearance, were the results quite splendid for the beginners
    In this show there were 3 pon-puppies, 2 males and the female. Masi won ther male-puppies, when the female puppy was BOB.
    CONGRATULATIONS SO MUCH Masi & Petri & Päivi !!!!

    PON-puppies have born
    For INT & FIN & EST CH Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke has born a litter to the kennel SUKAN 20.01.2005
    The mother for the litter is FIN & EST CH Sukan Nami-Nami.

    "OSNA" is served and she is pregnant
    We were in the ultrasound analysis 18.01.2005 with Osna, and OSNA IS PREGNANT .
    The date of birth to this litter is in the middle of february, 16.02.2005.
    The happy parents are :
    Father : INT & FIN & EST CH, EUJW-02, JW-02 Flinkbein Srodek
    Mother : JW-01, FIN CH Radosna Goralka z Banciarni
    For Srodek this litter is the first one,
    Osna has in her last litter among others JW-03, EJW-04, BALTW-04 20 x CAC, 6x CACIB Flinkbein Wolec and AK CH Flinkbein Wyntr White Star

    More information and photos, of the parents, of these both litters, you can find here

    Although the year 2004 expired in so sad way - I believe, evrybody will always remenber Christmas 2004 from the big nature catastrophe in Asia - I wish GOOD LUCK and SUCCESS for the coming year 2005, and if it is possible, even more mighty peaks among our dear hobby.
    At the same time, I want to say THANKS , of the gone, quite magnificent year 2004 TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL OWNERS OF MY DOGS and to all my friends abroad and in home country, those who have been with me doing even this year so immemorial.
    Now it feels good to continue forwards!!!

    CHRISTMAS 2004
    Yes, also the dogs can understand, what Christmas is .....
    My dogs, when we had made the Christmascleaning, christmas tree was decorated, lantern and torch were lighted, when the ham was ripen in the oven, and the Christmas flowers give the nice scent to the room, our dogs started to wait the Santa........

    Here you can find some beautiful photos of Flinkbein Christmas

    and here some new winter photos