"Reni "

  • born 23.02.2004
  • father:Flinkbein Pan Polysk
  • mother: Heidelind's Truth is Out There
  • br & ow Taija Tuohilampi

  • white-grey
  • long tail
  • hips A
  • eyes, elbows & Knees healthy
  • pedigree

  • At first Reni lived in a family, but she came back to us, when she was one year old, and after that we didn't want to relinquish her anymore.

    Reni has a long tail, which she carries in a very beautiful way, and uses very much :-)
    This tail betrays Reni's h feelings in a very active way, particularly it shows her always happy mood.

    The first show for Reni was the PON-CLUB SHOW 21.08.2004 and the judge was Harry Tast, Finland.
    This was a very good start for shows, as Reni was placed as high as BEST IS SHOW -PUPPY .

    Soon after this, Reni was in SSKYn SPECIAL SHOW, 26.09.2004 and the judge was Jouko Yrjölä. The success was as wonderful as it was in the first show, BOB PUPPY, BEST OD BREED -PUPPY

    After that Reni has got a very splendid success in different shows

  • 06.08.2005 Lithuania, Trakai the second best female, and CACIB and Lithuanian cac
  • SSKY SPECIAL SHOW, 23.10.05 the judge Ewa Buklad, Poland, third best female, BF3, and cac
  • 18.12.2005 in a big NORDIC WINNERSHOW Reni was also BF3, and got cac
  • and 17.12.2005 in the FINNISH WINNERSHOW Reni was BF5, and once more cac
  • The International show in Turku 21.01.06 Reni was the second best female, and she got both cac and the CACIB ( the first female was already
  • 18.03.2006 the international show in Tampere was the first one - and also the last one - competition in the open class after she become 2 years old, as she got the res-CACIB -> CACIB, and the last cac, which was demanded to the title of FINNISH CHAMPION , and so the next show is in champion class....