lagotto romagnolo


Actually I got my first dog at the age of 4 years, but my real interest started at the age of 14 with my first german shepherd. I was teaching the dog by myself , and we were competing in the highest class. When she was 2 years old, she became Best of Opposite in the Vinner show.

The kennel name I got after some years and the first "Vuolasvirta" -price, for the deserving breeding of german shephers, I got in the year 1985.


The first POLSKI OWCZAREK NIZINNY - PON - came to our hose in the summer 1989. She arrived from "Chechoslovakia", trough Estonia in changing to collie. In this way arrived Anuska Zlaty Ranc to our kennel.
...........and everything was never the same again ........

When Anuska was 1 year old I became inspired to go to Chechoslovakia to the world Dog Show.
Because we were driving trought Poland, we could by another PON. So I wrote to Polish Kennelclub and asked about breeders and litters.

I was wisiting one breeder in that journey, although it was a quite bend in our journey.

From this journey we had Rola with us. At the same time I met the breeder of my coming PONs, Janusz Zerebeccy. In this way started a promising friendship with Wielgowa-kennel.


Later I have got several PON's from kennel Wielgowa .
Also I have had one Export to Poland, because my foster, Flinkbein Ekspanat, has gone to Wielgowa kennel.

I have used, for my PON females, some foreigner males. I have exported puppies also in other countries.
In summertime I have been circling in Europe with my dogs, in the shows of course. Especially in Poland I have been several times in shows. I have started to feel, that Poland is my other home country, so many times have I been there. BUT the most best moments I have had in Poland, when I have been discussing about dogs and have been listening the polish breeders, when they have told me about PONs.

The most biggets peaks I had in Poland, when I reached the
title in the Poznan Vinner Show,
with my own foster.


My first lagotto romagnolo, Peterpan, come to me from Italy,through Sweden . Also Pansi came to our house in a way as change.

My Swedish friend wanted to have a PON-puppy from me, and I was delighted at her another breed, lagotto romagnolo. She had already had lagotto litters, she had been in shows in Italy, and had acquaintance in the country of origin, so it was great, that she helped to search a lagotto male for me.
So arrived the "fairy prince" Peterpan to our hose. !!!

--- And Pansi's arrival to Finland didn't change our life a bit ---

That dog-enthusiasm, that I got in the very early year of my life , continued the growth, and I had no intention to get rid of it.

We didn't go in so many shows with Pansi, because PON's took so much time of my life.
When Pansi was about three years old, he had his first litter born.
So, in a way, I fall into the lagotto-world , to the breed association, and become acquainted with this happy, friendly breed.
After a few years, I felt, that I was willing to take a female and perhaps also start the breeding work, and Pansi's daughter, Budoar Vincita, come to us.

........and so then, here we are .............