Christmas photos

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Yes, also the dogs can understand, what Christmas is .....
At least my dogs, when we had made the Christmascleaning, christmas tree was decorated, lantern and torch were lighted outside, when the ham was ripen in the oven, and the Christmas flowers give the nice scent to the room, our dogs started to wait the Santa....... .

Peterpan got the "sea horse", and Ciitta got the teddy bear, about which also the litlle Rola liked very much !!!
Puchar was delighted to the "carrot" - although the other toys were cute too.
Also Figel was allowed to experiment, how it feels to bite Puchars carrot.

As a wise PON, Wiklina knew, that there was also coming at least "roughing splinters", "pork ears" and other extra delicacy as a christmas presents.