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Home, at last

  In the second week in July 2006, we made a short holiday trip through Sweden and Denmark, to Germany and Poland. We took our PON-boy Figiel Hajko-Nerita, with us. During our journey we admired gorgeous seascapes and in Rostock we spend a whole day by shopping !!!!

The destination to our journey was however Koszalin, the city in Poland, and over there kennel Hajko-Nerita, wherefrom we are having a " little sister" to Figiel.
Figel was with us to meet his breeder, and to accompany the little pon-girl STOKROTKA Hajko-Nerita , safety home.

Actually, safeguard this maid didn't require, as she turn out to be a very active, courageous and cheerful pon, whose long tail was swinging all the time and who wanted to meet everything and everybody.

Back to home we travelled by Via Baltica, as Stokrotka didn't have yet the rabies antibody test made.

Both dogs took the long trip totally splendid. They were sleeping together in the back seat and occasionally get up to look the scenery.
In Latvia we stopped to the well-known beach to look at the sea and to take some photos of the dogs.
The first "hardship" in our trip was, when we come to the customs between Estonia and Latvia. We had to wait about three ours, untill we get to the customs, but fortunately the air conditioning in our car was working ..... as we had the enormous hot weather also during this journey.

And our girl was swinging her tail :-)

The polish word Stokrotka means daisy (Bellis perennis). It is a small perennial flower, which belongs to the family Asteraceae. In Finland we have it wild, but it is also cultivated as an ornamental plant. The white flowers are most common, but we have also reddish daisys.

............ and I believe, we will also call our daisy as KUKKA - the Finnish word to FLOWER ....