The main goals in my breeding work, is to breed a combination of healthy, balanced and good-tempered polski owczarek nizinny's who respond the breed standard also in the homeland of the breed, Poland.
The homeland of the breed is Poland, and therefore it's also the leading country in PON breeding. In my own breeding work I want to follow the direction, set by Poland and breed PONs that are comparable also in Poland.
PON is a lively dog with strong instincts, and meanwhile balanced in nerval construction, balanced and calm. It is active, smart and attentive dog with an excellent memory and good learning abilities, which makes it easy to train.
My aims are to breed dogs that are good companions in whatever hobbies - one part being dog shows - and also suitable for family dogs.

Important part of being healthy is balanced structure and this I want to emphasise in my breeding work.
In many breeds the standards has started to divide and nowadays speaking about show lines and work lines refers this to. In my opinion, this is a wrong direction. Polski owczarek nizinny is a entirety in which the structure serves to original purpose of the dog.
Therefore the PON must be by size, character, physics and in other external ways corresponding to the standard and both physically and mentally suitable for being a working dog.

PON is a working dog and therefore its movements are especially important for the breed.
The dog should move flexibly and easily with long, near to the ground steps. This is possible only if the dog is harmonically built, if both the front and back angulations are correct. The movement of a working dog should always be judged critically and paid special attention to since many of the physical deficiencies and limited angulations can be noticed especially in the movement.
Rigid, rolling movement or short steps are a major fault since with these kind of movements the dog cannot operate correctly in its original herding work.

In my breeding work I pay special attention also to the strong mother-lines; I seek to use females with good, descending inheritance attributes in combination with suitable Finnish or foreign males. When making breeding choices I aim to take into consideration the attributes of my previous litters since it is important for a breeder to look frankly afterwards his/her successes and failures in breeding. This is the only way I can cover ground in my breeding work.

I also try to find new lines to expand the genetic pool in Finland. Many of my fosters have been used in also for other females both in Finland and abroad and therefore I seek to breed healthy and physically balanced individuals.

My aim is to breed dogs that are both physically and by character as good delegates of the breed as possible so that also their future owners can pursue as versatile hobbies with their dogs as possible: both in shows and other hobbies.