Perhaps not the first word but however one of those I learned at the very early stage was ÄERÄ (KOIRA=dog), which afterwards thinking seems rather prognostic when considering my life later on.
This is when my interest in dogs began!

Actually, the first dog in our family was a mixed-breed Panu, who looked like a Finnish Spitz. Our next dog was wire-haired fox terrier, a beautiful little package, but unfortunately we never went to shows or service tests with her.

My real interest in dogs started at the age of 14 with my first German Shepherd. I taught the dog by myself and we were competing in the highest class. When she was 2 years old, she became Best of Opposite in the Winner Show.


I applied for a kennel name and received it too, after a few years.
For the successful breeding of German shepherds, I also received
the "Vuolasvirta" -prize. in 1985.

I have competed with all my German Shepherds in working dog-contest, all the way to the winner class with the variety of race, relay and protection.

My hobbies with my dogs have also included ruins and I have completed rescue-dog supervisor course.
My dogs have successfully competed also in German Shepard specialty shows and reached many high winner results.


The first POLSKI OWCZAREK NIZINNY - PON - came to our house in summer 1989.
She arrived from "Czechoslovakia", trough Estonia as an exchange to a collie-puppy.
When I visited my Estonian friend, we were looking at pictures of different breeds in search for a suitable dog that my friend could get me exchange. My eyes reached a furry creature that reminded a sheepdog and that had a very difficult name. "That could be a nice one", I said.
In the next autumn I received a letter from my friend stating that she had reserved me a PON puppy from Czechoslovakia, and so I started waiting.
The litter was born in the beginning of April and as the summer arrived, I went to collect my first PON. I was greeted by a black furry creature that was somehow much bigger than I had expected!

And this is how Anuska Zlaty Ranc arrived to our home.

...........and nothing was never going to be the same again ........

I believe that during her life Anuska taught me more than I taught her. At least she raised my love towards this lovely, stubborn Polish Lowland Sheepdog!

When Anuska was 1 year old I had an inspiration to go to Czechoslovakia to the world Dog Show.
Because we were driving trough Poland, we could also buy another PON,

and so I wrote to Polish Kennel Club and asked about PON breeders and possible litters.

I was visiting one breeder during our journey, in spite of , it was not actually on our way.

From this journey we brought Rola with us.
During this trip I also met Janusz Zerebeccy, the breeder of my future PONs. From this derived a promising friendship with the Wielgowa-kennel.
When I was thinking about the first litter to my Anuska, my choice for male was the young Zur z Wielgowa.


Later I have imported from Poland, from Wielgowa kennel Gorczyca z Wielgowa, Hajda z Wielgowa, Jegomosc z Wielgowa and in 1999 Wiklina z Wielgowa. Furthermore, I have imported Radosna Goralka z Banciarni and Figiel Hajko Nerita from Poland.
I have also had exports abroad, like Sweden, Estonia, Australia, USA. I have also had one Export to Poland since one of my fosters, Flinkbein Ekspanat, has gone to Wielgowa kennel.
I have also mated my PON females with foreign males, so that we could expand the gene pool here in Finland.

In my own breeding work I want to follow the direction pointed by the home country of the breed, Poland, and breed polski owczarek nizinny's that are comparable also in Poland. Therefore during the summers, I have been going around Poland and the whole Europe with my dogs participating to the shows and meeting many Polish top-quality dogs and their owners. I have been in several shows especially in Poland. I have started to feel that Poland is my other home country, so many times I have been there. BUT the best moments I have had in Poland have been when discussing and listening the polish breeders when they have told me about the breed.

One of the biggest peaks I have had in Poland was when I reached the
title in the Poznan Winner Show,
with my own foster, FLINKBEIN GODNOSC

As well as my fosters, my own dogs have reached many, many, many INTERNATIONAL, FINISH, and many other nationality Champion titles, group placements, CLUB-SHOW victories, SPECIAL SHOW victories, even BEST IN SHOW PLACEMENTS. I have two Polish Champions and several dogs that have Polish CAC. However I am particularly happy if the owners of my fosters are active in training theirs dogs and competing with them in obedience and agility. There is also one AGILITY CHAMPION among my fosters.

From the STAR MOMENTS and RESULTS -pages you can find all of these results. .