EUJW-02, EUW-04, -06 , BALTW-03,-04,-05,-06, SW-04, JW-02 , W-03, W-04, W-07, W-08


"Minski "

  • born 13.09.2001
  • father: Flinkbein Kompletny-Pon
  • mother: Flinkbein Miedziany
  • ow.Minna Perttula

  • white-black,
  • born with a natural short tail
  • Hips A/B,
  • eyes healthy
  • TgAA negativ (=thyreoidea healthy)
  • pedigree

  • International, Finnish, Estonian, Russian and Lettish Champion
  • European Juniorvinner 2002
  • Finnish Juniorvinner 2002
  • Finnish Vinner 2003 and 2004
  • Baltic Vinner 2003, 2004 and 2006
  • 11 group placements ( in April 2005)
  • The best show-dog female of the year 2003, on the list of SSKY
  • The best show-dog female of the year 2004, on the list of SSKY
  • The BEST SHOW-PON FEMALE of the year 2003 by the Finnish PON-club
  • TThe BEST SHOW-PON FEMALE of the year 2004 by the Finnish PON-club
  • The year 2004 : ranking as high as 38th among the 100 best show dogs of Finnish Kennel Club ( WITHIN ALL THE BREEDS AND DOGS IN FINLAND)
  • BIS 1, PON-Club show 2004, BIS 4 2003
  • in addition to PON-Club show -04 : special price for the best caracter

  • Also Minski, like her brothers, has started her show-carreer in a really promising way.
    At the puppy-show in Lahti, 24.03.02, she was BOB-puppy and was placed also in the groups, and was GROUP 4.

    27.04.2002 in Polvijärvi Minski was also BOB-puppy, and besides this she was placed highly in the groups, and was BIS 2 puppy.

    Also Minski has started her official shows in a very promising way.
    In the international show in Forssa, 30.06.02, Minski was the third best female and got her first cac. !!

    The first show abroad, was neither more nor less, the WOLD DOG SHOW in Amsterdam, 06.07.2002
    In Amsterdam Minski was, as a youngist in her class, 9months 3weeks, the second in juniorclass, V2

    13.07.-02 , when she was evently 10 months old, she was at her third show in Mikkeli. There she was highly BOO and got her second cac.

    07.09.2002 in the dog show in Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki, BOB-PON was Flinkbein Swietny . She had almost as big succee in the GRUOPs, as her brother Srodek 2 weeks ago. 11,5 moths old "Minski" was among the 8 best dogs in the groups. !!!

    10.11 2002 Paris in the EUROPEAN WINNER SHOW, Flinkbein PON's took 3 of all the 4 titles. The sisters Flinkbein Srodek and Flinkbein Swietny both won their own classes, and got the title EUJW-02. In Juniorclass they didn't choose the BOB or BOO junior, and the juniors were not competiting in the adult BOB ring.

    At saturday, 7.12.2002 was the "Finnish main show", the International Dog Show - Winner 2002 - in Helsinki. Swietny won the juniorclass females, was just richly the second best female ( among 32 pons) and got the title JW-02.

    photo: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

    Group placements Minski has already got several. In Lanhti international show 2003, she was Group 2.