The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a dog of medium size,, compact, strong, muscular, with a thick long coat, and easy and ground covering movements. It's a dog that is both psychical and physical suitable for working dog.
From the very beginning PON has been used for hearding in the lowlands of Poland, and for that work it's nimble and attentive essence is particularly suitable.
Alternative interest with PONs can be obedience or agility. In Finland meny PONs have been competing succesfully in both of them.
Moved to urban city life, he is a very good companion dog, who defends also the home

Coat is the most typical sign of PON. The whole dog is covered with coarse hair, dense, thick, and profuse and soft undercoat. His well groomed coat gives an attractive and interesting appearance. The hairs falling from the forehead, cover the eyes in a characteristic manner.

All colours and patches are acceptable. The most common colour is however white with different nuances of black, or grey, patches. In Finland we have also some rare chocolate PONs.

The proportions of height at withers to length of body is 9 : 10. Height at the withers for males 45 - 50 cm, and females 42 - 47 cm. So PON is between tibetian terier and bearded collie.

Behavior and temperament PON is of a lively but tempered disposition, vigilant, agile, intelligent and attentive. It is gifted with a good memory, and the standard says, that PON is very easy to train.
PON is a litlle reserved regarding the strange people, but this is carasteric for a sheepdog. It doesn't mean, that the dog is tinid or dubious, because the glance is straight, although the dog retreats. At the same time, when PON is reserved, it is also curious.
PON has atill at his genotype the strong instinct to tend. That must be payd regard to at his upbringing.

Head is medium dimension, proportional, not too heavy. The thick fur on the forehead, the cheeks and the chin give the head a look of being heavier than it really is.
Neck is of medium length, strong, muscled, carried, both when he is standing and moving, rather horizontally.

Nose as dark as possible in relation to the colour of the coat. With large nostrils.

Eyes are medium size, oval, and as dark as possible with lively and piercing look.

Heart-shaped ears are hanging, of medium size, wide at base, and they extend to the cheek. Ears are very mobile and disclose very clearly the mood of the dog.

Extremities are vertical and straight,thight are broad and muscular.The dog is moving easy, fluent and ground covering. This is possible only, if his angulations are correct.

Tail is short tail, stumpy-tail, very shortly docked tail or undocked quite long and very hairy tail. At rest the tail is hanging; if the dog is alert, the tail is gaily curved over the back, never curled or lying on the back. Undocked tail of medium length, carried in different manners In Finland almoust 40 % of the puppies are born with a short tail of a different grade.