"Masi "

Masi at the age of two years
  • born. 20.08.2004
  • father: Scheffelfältets Lucky Luke
  • mother: Wiklina z Wielgowa
  • ow . Petri Laaksonen & Päivi Laukkanen, Kouvola

  • white-bees, long tail

  • pedigree

  • Masi at the age of one year


      Also Masi has already have time to visited some dog shows under one year period of life.
    The real show career Masi started 21.05.2005 in the international show of Hamina, where his age was just sufficient - that is to say, Masi fulfil the required 9 months on the previous day. Richly started also Masi's show career, as he was the second best male, BM2, and got the res-cac from this show.


      His 1-year old birthday party, 20.08.2005, Masi, as if his brother Aatos, feasted by participating to the so far most biggest PON-CLUB SHOW . In this Club-Show was booked in all 59 pons.
    The results were great, in the males under 2 years old 2nd + honorary award, BM 4 (the 4th best male) and finally BIS 5 (Best In Show 5) the fifth beautiful pon in this show.

    After one week, in Kouvola 27.08.05, further in juniorclass, Masi was the second best male, BM2, and got his first cac.