"Janne "



  • born 23.02.2005
  • father: Alasz z Gangu Dlugich
  • mother: Flinkbein Swietny
  • ow . Grzegorz Robak, Puola

  • white with black marks, very short tail
  • hips A/A
  • pedigree

  • Janne has had lots fo show in Poland, and a great success also.

    The very first show to him, was the World Dog Show, where he got EXELENT, and was the youngist participant in his class.
    In December 2006, 03.12.2006 NOWA RUTA, POLAND, Janne was the Junior-Winner, and got the junior-cac. At last he was in the big finals, as hight as JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 2

    In February 2007 Janne was in shows in Russia, Moscow, Were was two shows in two days.
    The shows were in 24.02 and 25.02, and Janne had just got 15 months old in the day before, 23.02.2007. So this was the very first time, on behalf of his age, that he could compete for the CACIB's.
    Janne was BOB, BEST OF BREED on both days, and got the titles Champion of Russia and Champion of RKF and got also 2 x CACIB .

    11.03.2007 was a show in Poland, JAROSLAW. Janne was in juniorclass there, and got the BEST OF BREED JUNIOR and BOB, BEST OF BREED.
    The last cac for the title of POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION Janne got from the international show in Katowice. He was there both JUNIOR WINNER and BEST OF BREED JUNIOR.
    Now he is also POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION.

    Janne continued his successful show career. In the international show in Opole, 28-29.04, Janne was the juniorwinner, BOB JUNIOR AND BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR, and in the international show in Krakow 24.06.2007 Janne WAS THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO and got both cac and CACIB.

    08.06.2007 EUROPEAN WINNER SHOW ZAGREB, KROATIA European Winner show 2007 was in this time in Kroatia, Zagreb. PON's were in the ring in Friday 08.06.2007, and the judge was Jaroslav Matyjas. Although we didn't have any opportunity to participate in this show personally, was one Flinkbein dog, however, represented there. The Polish Janne, Flinkbein DLA KONTEKST was booked to this show, to youth class Janne's success was great, as he was THE SECOND BEST MALE, ang got Kroatian cac, and res-CACIB Later the CACIB is confirmed to Janne, as the first male was already int ch. Furthermore Janne is also V-ce Eu.Winner.

    In weekend 22-23.09.2007 was the Polisho PON CLUB SHOW. There was booked 73 PONs in the show. The youngiest were in the baby-class, at the age of 5-7 months, and the oldest was 12 years old veteran Janne was the winner of the young class, and he gave a very big resistance to Mazur, as the judge was thinking very long, and let them run very long time, before the final decision.

    10-11.11.07 was the international show in Poznan, Poland. Of course this show was the Winner show of Poland. Janne, who was competing in young class, was THE BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, BOO , and got besides CACIB and CAC, also the title PL WINNER, and "Winner MIDDLE AND EASTERN EUROPE".

    10.02.2008 in the international show in Rzeszow Janne got the last cac , which is demanded to the title of POLISH CHAMPION. In this show Janne was BOO, BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX, and got his seventh CACIB.

    On Sunday 13.04.2008 was in Poland, in Bydgoszcz, in the sport hall of Lucznizka, the most important show for PON's, THE PON CLUB SHOW. There was booked 86 PONs in the show. The youngiest were in baby-calss, at 5-7 months, and the oldest veteran was 15 years old. The judge was Jerzy Prywinski, Poland.

    Also Janne participate this show, and now at the very first time in Poland in Champion Class.

    My strain was enormous, when I was following the male-classes. Nevertheless the judge choose Janne for the best male, and in the end of the day he competed of the title of the BEST OF BREED, and finally Janne was THE BEST OF THE WHOLE SHOW !

    All the results from this show and also plenty of photos, you can find here

    26.04.2008 was in Poland an international show, where Janne got the last CACIB, which is demanded for the title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION ans now he is also INT CH

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    son and father,Flinkbein Dla Kontekst & Alasz z Gangu Dlugich
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