Visit in Poland

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We, Maija Bragge and I, spended a very rewarding and comfortable week in Poland in the beginning of April.

First we visited Szczecin, in kennel Wielgowa. There we met Flinkbein Ekspanatin, who was in particularly good confition, in spite of the age of 11 years, . Epi remembered us well, and the latter was joyfull mutual.
We had with us my female, Wiklina z Wielgowa, who stayd to kennel Wielgowa, and had time to go to her first show, before we were at home :-) Very good was that show indeed, because Wiklina was BOO, (best of opposite sex), and got her second cac from Poland.
We plan for Wiklina yet one litter, and so she will be mated with SASQUEHANNA SZYMON in April

From North-Poland, Szczecin, we went to south, near Wroclaw, to a small town named Wolow and from there to kennel Rivendall, who was situated in the village of Siodlkowice. There was the main purpose of our journey, the young PON-male, Vivat Flinkbein Rivendall already waiting for us Vivat turned out a very glad and intelligent picaresque, who was waving his small stubby tail much. Vivat has got his own pages to MY DOGS.
In the kennel Rivendall we met the most victorious JUNIORDOG of the year 2004, ALASZ z Gangu Dlugich, and of course also Vivat's mother AFERA Rivendall, grandmother ARONIA znad Kosna, "uncle" ABSOLWENT Rivendall and GWARANCJA RIVENDALL Kontekst...

Poland is a very even country, excluding the quite south-Poland, where the mountains are. Also the forests are quite different, than the ones in Finland.
It is very easy to imagine the long-coated PONs tending the flock of sheeps here, and training search in these forests , isn't likely to injure worse the coat

In Wroclaw we spent the day by shopping and becoming acquainted with the town. Beautiful old Center.!!!
The death of the beloved Polish Pope was seen in flag at half-mast in every house, and also there was mourning bands in many cars.

We visited also Jestem Fervidus, the dark chocolate colour PON-male, who lives near Opole. We had admired Jestem's colour at the pages of Polish PON-club, and wanted to see him personally. Jestem was a friendly young gentleman, who stole our hearts totally.

In Krakow we got travelling companion, a youg Great Japanese Dog -female, who was coming to Finland, to her own family. MIGHTY CUTE KISSMACHINE !!!

From Krakow we continued to Krosno, where we had to say goodbye to Furman Konkury, when he stayd at his home. Resignation of the company of this old gentleman, was the totally difficult etape of our journey. I wish he could come with us to Finland.
From Krosano we drowe with Via Baltica back to home.

There is lot of construction industry in Poland, and the houses are very handsome. Generally the whole piece of land has fence. Also the fences were really beuafitul.

The chum, Vivat and Orda, invented much nice working during the journey, to entertain themselves. Here you could notice the PON's wisdom and the way of thinking :-) Therefore we put them into a cage, during the 1,5 h voyage, although they otherwise stayd at the back seat of the car....