• born 19.06.2006
  • father:Griszu vom Mühlenberg
  • mother: Renoma Terwipon
  • breeder: Grzegorz Robak, Puola
  • ow. Taija Tuohilampi

  • white with bees markings
  • half long tail
  • hips B/B
  • eyes healthy
  • TgAA negatiiv
  • T4/TSH healthy
  • pedigree

      When the son of Minski, Janne, Flinkbein Dla Kontekst, went to Poland, we wanted to get a female puppy from kennel Kontekst. So in December, we got Tija home.
    We were visinting the World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan, and it was a great time to take our new female puppy to home.
    Tija has a very good caracter, she is very open, and loves evrybody and everything
    She has a 1/3 -long tail, and she is swinging it a lot.
      To the first shows Tija went at once, she was 9 months old.
    The first show was in Lappeenranta, in Eastern, 08.04.07. She got there Exellent and the res-CAC. Also from the international show in Lahti she got Ex, as a mere juniordog, who made this.
    The first CAC she got from Hamina, 13.05.07, at the age of 10,5 months. She was also BOO, in this show.

    Tija 10,5 months 12.05.2007