The Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans gala for the most victorious show-dogs of the year 2003, was on Saturday 30.01.2004. In that same day and night was also the wildest blizzard of that winter.
The gala was in the congresshotel Dipoli, in Espoo.

The show is organized as an invitation contest according as the results of preceding show year. The Finish Kennel Club has a show dog listing for the 100 best show dogs of the year - in spite of the breed.
The dogs get points of th egroup placements and the BOB and BOO of the special shows.

So it's quite difficult and a big honour to get along to the Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans gala.

The judges for the Champion of Champions were Monique van Bremp , Karl-Erik Johansson and Harri Lehkonen, and for the Veteran of Veterans Karl-Erik Johansson.

Atmosphere was just great, the festival hall richly decorated, and the public was stylish in the evening dresses.

The only polski owczarek nizinny, who got the invitation to that respected gala, was

INT & FIN & EST & LT & S CH WW-03, BALTW-03, EUW-02, PMW-01, SW-02, W-03, W-02, W-01, JW-00,

Puchar was at the show-dog statistics of the year 2003 rank as high as 32 .

Champion of Champions 2004 - was the yellow Great Dane J & Fin & S Mva Címon A Hot Choice ow. Katariina Valonen & Hitoshi Sayama, Jokela.
Veteran of Veterans 2004 -was the saluki Kans & Fin & S & Lt Mva V-98-99-02 SV-00 LTV-97 PL & PZV-96 El Hamrah Farraar ow. Minea Collan, Kaavi.


waiting, waiting..........

The beforehand judgement in the big hall ....................historic moment

The event was televised

Champion of Champions winner / Veteran of Veterans winner