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Annually is organized a big Gala, CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS & VETERAN OF VETERANS , for the most victorious show-dogs of the year.
The show is organized as a invitation-show ; the best dogs of the preceding year get the invitation for the show
The invitation for the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS & VETERAN OF VETERANS -gala goes to a hundred ( 100 ) first dogs in the Finish Kennelclub show-dog-list, and fifty ( 50 ) first veterans in the list.
To this list , may come along 100 dogs, who have placed the best, in the shows during a year , in spite of the breed.
The winners of the last year ( C&C ja V&V ), are entitled to get the invitation.
The arranger for the gala is "Helsingin Seudun kennelpiiri ry. ". The show is annually arranged in the sphere of activities Helsinki, Esbo, Vantaa, Kauniainen. The date for the show has usually been in the beginning of the year, January/February.

The judgement of the dogs

The review arrangement cast lots.
The judges have a forward judgement for the dogs.
In the Champion of Champion show , there is 3 judges. When the dog gets 2 or 3 wotes, he/she goes to another round.
In the Veteran of Veterans-show, there is only one judge.
The contest is as couples, until the final winner is clear.
The contest goes on as long as they have only one couple left. So they have the Champion of Champions and Veteran of Veterans.