Also in this year, was arranged the big Cala Evening, CHAMPIONS of CHAMPIONS & VETERAN of VETERANS, in honour of the the most victorious show-dogs of the year 2005. The Gala was hold in the congresshotel Dipoli, in Espoo, and it was on Saturday, 11th February 2006

The show is organized as an invitation contest according as the results of preceding show year. The Finish Kennel Club has a show dog listing for the 100 best show dogs of the year - in spite of the breed. The invitation is given to 100 dogs competing at the title Champion of Champions and 50 dogs competing at the title Veteran of Veterans. The dogs get points of the group placements and the BOB and BOO of the special shows.

So it's quite difficult and a big honour to get along to the Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans gala.

The judge for the Veteran of Veterans competition was Sven Lövenkjaer,Danmark, and the judges for the Champion of Champions were Sven Lövenkjaer Danmark, Kirsti Lummelampi Finland and Bo Skalin Sweden.

This year two polski owczarek nizinny's got the invitation to that respected gala.
The invitation to this meeting of the top dogs had got


Pompula got the invitation to both the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS –competition, and also to the VETERAN OF VETERANS –competition, but as it was possible to participate only one or the other, we choose the VETERAN of VETERAN’s competition for Pompula.

Pompula was in the veteran-dog statistics of the year 2005 ranked as high as 38th place and had 42p.

The invitation to the CHAMPION of CHAMPION’s -competition got also
INT &, FIN & EST &, RUS & BELARUS & LV & S CH EUJW-02, BALTW-03,-04,-05, EUW-04 , JW-02 , V-03, V-04, SV-04 FLINKBEIN SWIETNY

For Swietny this was the second time, whe she got the invitation. In 2005 Swietny was at the 40th place in the show-dog statistics and had 62p.

  The both dogs had a MIGHTY SPLENDID SUCCES in the Gala !!

Pompula was in the Veteran of Veterans -competition as high as on the third round and among the 16 best couples .

Minski's succes was even better, she was among the 8 best Champion-couples, and was conquered ,of her couples, only by the black reasensnautscer, Stablemaster Northern Hope, who was second in the whole Champion competition !!!

Also in this year, the atmosphere was just great, the festival hall richly decorated, and the public was stylish in their evening dresses - and also the dogs were looking just great.
Also this year the Tv was here and perhaps we can see the competition form Tv.

Champion of Champions 2006 became the Australinimport welsh corgi pembroke male Dygae Wild Night, and the second was the black Giant Schnauzer, Stablemaster’s Northern Hope. Veteran of Veterans 2006- become the tibetean terrier male Falamandus Double-Noeud and the second was the sluki male Aziz Jalil.

Waiting for the judgement.........

The invitation come to the father Pompula and the daughter Minski.

Kompletny-Pon - Pompula - in the "before judging"

Swietny - Minski - in the "before judging"

VETERAN of VETERANS vinner - tibetian terrier, and the second - saluki

CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS vinner - welsh corgi pemboroke, and the second - Giant Schnauzer