In the year 1999 the Champion of Champions competition was as late as 22.05.1999. The reason for this late date, was the show-place. The show was in the Helsinki ice stadium, becauseof the public ; the public wanted to come to look at the mots victorious dog of the year 1998, and in ice stadium they had the possibility .
In that weekend there was also the big dog show, Aptus show, in that ice stadium. The C & C and V & V competition was there in the Saturday evening, after the show.

Because the show place was enormous, there was also a record amount invitations for the show, 208 champion of champions dogs and 27 veteran of veterans dogs.
Koko kilpailu televisioitiin.

The only polski owczarek nizinny, who had got the invitation, was

INT & FIN & DK & S & NORDIC. & LV CH, WW-98,PLW-98,EUW-97,KBHW-97,BALTW-97,V-98

The judges in Champions of Champions competition were Margaret Everton, Marija Kavcic and Jochen Eberhardt.
The show began at 19.00 with the dog parade, and after that there were the jonka jšlkeen alkoivat preliminary competition.

At 23.00 atarted the finals of Champion of Champions and tje judge was Giuseppe Alessandra.

Flinkbein Godnoscget along splendid int his competition, he was as high up, as among 26 best dogs - 13 best couples. .